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News Gaming Laptop Update : Lenovo Announces 17.3-Inch Y700 Gaming Laptop For Rs 1,25,000 ($1888)

Lenovo has announced the IdeaPad Y700-17ISK, its 17-inch full HD display sporting gaming laptop, at the Lenovo India Gaming Week in Mumbai. The laptop will be priced at Rs 1,25,000 and the pre-orders for the same will start from 1 October.

Lenovo says it will offer free accessories such as a gaming surround sound headset, gaming precision mouse and a gaming mouse all totalling worth Rs 9,555 free for the first 30 pre-orders.

The Lenovo Y700 laptop comes with a 17.3-inch full HD IPS panel display. It houses the 6th generation Intel Core i7 quad-core processor paired with 16GB DDR4 RAM. On the storage front, you get a 1TB hard drive along with a 128GB SSD for faster booting and application loading times.
Since it is a gaming laptop, it will house the NVIDIA GTX 960M discrete graphics solution. Sadly, Lenovo will not be bundling any games with the laptop at the moment. The Y700 has a black and red coloured design elements and houses a JBL speaker set.

The IdeaPad Y700 will not be the most portable laptops around with it weighing 3.5 kg. The laptop promises a 4-hour battery life.

Speaking at the launch, Shailendra Katyal, director e-commerce, strategy and analytics said, “The Indian gaming industry is growing exponentially and there is an immense opportunity to cater to the discerning modern gamer who requires a premium PC to play out of the box. Created from ground up to serve this segment, the Y700 offers futuristic design, premium build quality and powerful hardware.”

News Update On Samsung Smartphones : Is Samsung Coming Out With A Amartphone That Folds In Half?

It could be the flip phone for the smartphone generation.

According to Samsung rumor blog SamMobile.com, Samsung is readying to release its first smartphone with a foldable screen in January.

Samsung, which released the first phone with a display that curves on both sides, the Galaxy S6 Edge, in March, showed off a prototype for a phone that opens into a tablet in 2013. As you can see in the (oddly suggestive) promo video below, the fold-a-phablet concept device hinges in the middle, giving it the screen of a tablet with the profile of a regular-sized phone.

SamMobile reports that a source in China "who claims to have in-depth knowledge and an early scoop on Project Valley," the codename for Samsung's foldable phone project, said it is "currently undergoing testing" and is heading for a January 2016 is launch.

The site posits, however, that it could be released only in South Korea.

News Micrsoft Windows Update : Windows 10 Downloaded To Computers Automatically

 A laptop computer featuring Windows 10 is seen on display at Microsoft Build in San Francisco in April. Even people who haven't indicated they want Windows 10 may be getting it downloaded to their computer, Microsoft confirmed. (Robert Galbraith/Reuters)
Microsoft is downloading large Windows 10 installation files to Windows 7 and 8.1 computers even if users didn't indicate they're interested in upgrade, gobbling up internet bandwidth and hard drive space.

Microsoft has been pushing Windows 7 and 8 users to reserve a free upgrade of Windows 10.

But some people who haven't officially reserved an upgrade and indicated they want Windows 10 are still getting Windows 10 downloaded to their computer, Microsoft confirmed.

In an email to CBC News, Microsoft confirmed that "we may help customers prepare their devices for Windows 10 by downloading the files necessary for future installation" if they fall into one of two groups:
  • Those who have chosen to reserve their upgrade of Windows 10.
  • Those that have Windows Update automatic updates enabled.
"This results in a smoother upgrade experience and ensures the customer's device has the latest software," Microsoft added.

Most users have automatic updates enabled because it's the default setting and the one recommended by Microsoft in order to make sure your computer is protected by the latest security patches.

The company said the installation file is approximately 3GB, although some users on technology websites have reported a downloaded Windows file in the 6 GB range.

Removal with Disk Cleanup:

Microsoft says Windows Update checks if there is "sufficient" free disk space before downloading this or any other update. Users who want to remove the files to free up extra hard drive space can use the Windows Disk Cleanup utility and upgrade later, it suggests.

To prevent the download, users can change their Windows Update settings. For example, they can opt to receive notifications before downloading updates.
Many technology watchers have criticized the huge size, covert nature, and lack of user consent for this download.

Many technology watchers have criticized the huge size, covert nature, and lack of user consent for this download.

"If you didn't reserve a copy and it just goes ahead and downloads it anyway, it's going directly against your wishes," wrote Chris Merriman in the Inquirer Tuesday

"And let's remember, it's going into a hidden folder that you actually have to change settings to be able to see. That says a lot."

To see whether your computer has already downloaded Windows 10, change your settings in Windows Explorer so you can view hidden files and look for something named $Windows.~BT and can be found by changing your settings in Windows Explorer so you can view hidden folders and looking in the root directory for the drive where Windows is installed.

Overage charges possible:

Many critics are upset because the download uses up valuable hard drive space and could potentially cost users if it pushes them over the download limits for their internet service — overage charges in Canada can be as high as $3 per gigabyte over the limit. The download can also cause internet sluggishness while it is happening.

When Apple similarly forced all its devices to download a new U2 album, Songs of Innocence, last September — also for free — the public outcry prompted Apple to release a special tool to remove the unwanted files.

While Windows 10 doesn't install automatically, it has eroded public trust in Microsoft, suggests Woody Leonhard, senior contributing editor for the technology website Infoworld.

"I have no idea what the people at Microsoft thought they were accomplishing," he wrote, "but that Redmond reality distortion field has done some serious damage to the company's credibility."

News Update On Apple iPhoneEvent : Top Things To Watch For At Apple's iPhone Event

Apple is hosting its annual splash on Wednesday to unveil a new version of its most important product, the iPhone. The company has also used the occasion to update customers, analysts and investors on its performance and other products-and this year will probably be no different.
Here are some of the main things to watch for when the event starts at San Francisco's Bill Graham Civic Auditorium at 10am PDT September 9 (5am tomorrow in NZ time).

iPhone Upgrades:

Apple last year introduced its most significant iPhone redesign since the device's 2007 debut, with two big-screen models and an revamped version of the iOS mobile software.

This year's changes are far less significant. The body design will be similar to the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, along with an upgraded camera and speedier processor.

The device will probably include a feature called Force Touch, which first debuted with the Apple Watch and lets the user pull up features by pressing down harder on the screen

The iPhone may also get a new rose-gold colour option added to the lineup of white, gray and gold.

Analysts have predicted limited growth for the new models because last year's record sales make for a tough comparison.

Apps for Apple TV:

Apple has sought for years to convince media companies to strike deals for the Apple TV to carry live programming outside traditional cable and satellite packages.

Absent those deals, Apple is using the strategy that helped make the iPhone and iPad a success-it's opening up its TV set-top box to outside apps

Developers will for the first time be able to build games, videos and other content for a new version of Apple TV. The device's remote control is also expected get an upgrade, with a touch pad and motion sensors so it can double as a video-game controller, TechCrunch reported. And with Buzzfeed reporting the new product will cost $150-more than rival devices from Amazon.com Inc., Google Inc. and Roku Inc.-quality apps will be needed to help win over customers.

Bigger iPad:

A larger-screen iPad is expected to debut that further blurs the line between a tablet and laptop.
Apple hinted at the bigger model earlier this year when it previewed a new iOS feature that lets users display two applications on an iPad's screen at the same time.
The tablet's sales have been declining and Apple Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook has targeted business customers as an area for growth. A new iPad mini is also expected to be unveiled, 9to5Mac reported.

Blocking Online Ads:

Apple's new iOS 9 operating system for the iPhone and iPad will also let people download software that blocks online ads from being shown on websites.

The ad-blocking capability is controversial because it undercuts the advertising-based business models of much of the Internet at a time when more people are browsing the Web through mobile devices.

A recent report by Adobe Systems Inc. and PageFair Ltd., a Dublin-based startup that helps companies respond to ad-blocking, estimates that ad-blocking tools will wipe out $22 billion in online advertising revenue this year.

AdBlock Plus, one of the most popular ad-blocking services, says it will have software available for the iPhone and iPad soon after Apple releases iOS 9.

Investor Reaction:

Apple shares are down about 16 per cent since it last reported earnings in July, because of concerns that iPhone sales are slowing, especially in China.

Even though the stock typically has a muted response at product events, investors will be watching closely for clues about the company's long-term outlook.

The winners and losers among the manufacturers who make the components that go inside Apple's products may also see swings to their share prices.

News Update On Google Maps : Google Maps Code Transformed Into Infinite Series Of Abstract Art

If Jackson Pollock had been a cartography nut this is what his classic works of art might have looked like.

A Boston-based coder has created a site that generates random Google Maps images that are assigned random color and zoom settings in a manner that creates a constant stream of stunning abstract art.
The Random Google Maps site, created by Shaun Utter using the Google Maps API, pulls its geographic source material from 26 predetermined cities from around the world, some of which you may recognize.

However, you'll have to look quickly, as each image only lasts four seconds, after which it's replaced by another abstract image.
And because the lines and shapes of the maps at their various sizes vary from precise and repetitive (roads and building grids) to random and organic (mountains and off-road terrain), the series of images manages to look surprisingly original and deliberate.
Generative art, that is, art created through automated means, is sometimes derided as a soft assault on human-created abstract art. But Utter's creation is more proof that code can indeed create hypnotic and beautiful visuals, even if those visuals lack the fire of direct human inspiration.

It's not Picasso, but more and more of these generative art pieces are popping up in museums next to your favorite art masters. Humans, it's time to step your game up.

News Update On PC Gaming : Call of Duty: Black Ops III Beta Now Open To All On Xbox One And PC

The multiplayer beta test for the next entry to the Call of Duty franchise, Call of Duty: Black Ops III is now open to everyone on Xbox One and PC, following an update last night. Previously, the beta has been exclusively accessible via a code, with a majority being handed out alongside pre-orders. Playstation 4 owners were given a week's early access, on August 19, however after three days, the beta was opened to all using the console. The beta release on Xbox One and PC soon followed, and as of today, a code is no longer required to play.
From the onset, the beta offered three maps, hosting seven gamemodes, all within the multiplayer sandbox. Since its initial release, further content has been implemented, including new Specialists and maps. Last night’s update included a new map, Stronghold, alongside the new Reaper Specialist Class, which allows you to play as an experimental war robot, created in a now-abandoned military project. The level cap has also been raised to Level 34.

The Call of Duty: Black Ops III beta can be accessed on Xbox One here, and on PC via Steam, here.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III will release November 6, 2015 on Xbox One, Xbox 360, Playstation 4, Playstation 3 and PC.

News Update On BlackBerry Handset : BlackBerry's New Android Slider Gets An Unofficial Close-Up In Nnew Leaked Images

The Blackberry 'Venice' has been teased for quite some time with a lucky few Mobile World Congress attendees getting a first glimpse of the device in early 2015. While we have previously seen a few images and renders of the device, the newly leaked images are probably the clearest and most detailed to date.
BlackBerry has experimented with this type of design before. The upcoming slider looks modern, polished and is reminiscent of Dell's long-forgotten Windows Phone 7 handset, the 'Venue Pro'. If BlackBerry's previous devices are any indication, the 'Venice' should be a solid piece of hardware.

The 'Venice' will be a flagship device for BlackBerry, with specs rumored to include a Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor, 3GB RAM, Quad-HD display, 18MP camera and 5MP front-facing camera. The device will be a monumental release for BlackBerry, mainly due to it not running the company's own Blackberry OS. Instead, the device will be running Google's Android OS.

Currently, there is no official word from BlackBerry regarding the 'Venice'. The device is expected to be released sometime before the end of the year, with some reports indicating that it may arrive in November.

News Update On AI Based Virtual Assistant : Facebook Launches Its New Virtual Assistant ‘Facebook M’

Facebook is now moving to new league of virtual technology using assistants. Recently Facebook has launched a new virtual assistant named as Facebook M. This virtual assistant will be a part of Facebook Messenger and work on the same platform.

Interesting part of this assistant is while using this M users can do shopping and purchase items, get gifts delivered to your friends and loved ones, can book restaurants, can make arrangements of traveling and many more things that you can do simultaneously while talking to someone.
Unlike other virtual assistants that are available in market M uses text input to help users with their queries. Users will have to enter their queries and will get an answer as a text.

David Marus, the vice president of messaging products, said that on his Facebook Page that 'M' is powered by AI i.e. Artificial Intelligence that is trained and supervised by Human operators.

With no official date of launch, M has been launched in the Bay area in California and will eventually be made available to users all over the world. Facebook will develop this application for Android and iOS both.

News Update On Sony New Handset : Xperia Z5 And The Curious Case Of Sony's Flagship Phones

Could Sony make a comeback with fingerprint scanners, great cameras and a 4K phablet at IFA next week?

Sony's last flagship was the Xperia Z3 and their next is expected to be the Z5. This is because the Z4 was only released in Japan and was also called the Z3+ (pictured). Confused? You're not alone. Photo: Sony
Rumours and speculation have been bubbling for months online about the new phones Sony is expected to unveil in September, although if you've only been paying to the mainstream zeitgeist you'd be forgiven for thinking the Japanese company had stopped making phones entirely.

After a big splash with the waterproof, two-day-battery-toting Xperia Z2 in early 2014, Sony refined and improved its design with the Z3, set a high bar for small phones with the powerful Z3 Compact, and in the year since has struggled to hold the attention of the masses with its erratic release schedule and obtuse naming conventions.

An Xperia Z4 released in Japan was so similar to the Z3 that Sony didn't dare bring it to any other shores (in some regions it was later released as the Z3+). Australia in particular has seen a confusing bevy of new phones announced from the selfie-focused C3, C4 and striking phablet C5 Ultra to the budget E4 and the waterproof M4 and M5.

Next week at the IFA conference in Berlin, so say the rumours, Sony will return to the Z line and attempt to claw back some mindshare with a device packed with latest in Sony-made screen and camera tech, the newest Android software, impressive specs and a now ubiquitous fingerprint sensor. It's widely assumed to be called the Xperia Z5.
Familiar design, new features

Earlier this month a series of images from Twitter user "ViziLeaks" appeared to show an Xperia Z5 and the smaller Z5 Compact. The phones in the pictures follow the flat, monolithic glass 'omnibalance' design seen on all Z devices to date, although both appear to feature the kind of grippy edges and padded corners seen on the Z3 Compact.

The images show regular micro USB ports as opposed to the previously rumoured USB C, but confirm another rumour: that the Z5 devices will come with a built-in fingerprint scanner. Unlike that found on Apple and Samsung devices, Sony's supposed scanner is mounted on the side of the device, doubling as the power button. You can see the long, white scanner in the tweets below.
Mobile photography fans will be pleased to see that the devices retain the hardware shutter button for snapping steady pics without needing to touch the screen.
Go big or go home :

To date, the only big screen Z series phone was released in July 2013. Even risk-averse Apple fully committed to the phablet craze with the iPhone 6 Plus, but Sony's kept the bigger phones for its lesser product lines, like the media-focused T and selfie-focused M.

That could all change next week, with bloggers uncovering a user agent profile for a supersized Z5 (which means someone somewhere is using the phone to access websites) indicating some cutting edge specs, chief among them a 4K resolution screen.

The current high bar for phone screens is Quad HD, and while the two standards are frequently confused, 4K actually has a much higher pixel count (3840 x 2160, as opposed to Quad HD which is 2560 x 1440).

Assuming the Z5 phablet has a screen of 5.5 inches, a 4K screen would give it an astonishing pixel density of 801 pixels per inch (PPI). For comparison, the iPhone 6 Plus has an identically-sized screen and a pixel density of 401 PPI.

Sony was one of the first companies to champion the format for televisions, so it's believable it could bring its software and expertise to help it shine on a phone. It remains to be seen whether a 4K resolution on a screen so small would offer any advantage over Quad HD, but it's certainly a talking point.

Some sites have supposed the Z5 phablet to be called the "Xperia Z5 Plus", but given it already used 'plus' in an attempt to cover up its Z4 blunder, I think this would be too confusing even for Sony. "Z5 Ultra" seems more likely. Images apparently leaked from an internal slideshow seem to confirm the existence of the phablet.
A focus on the camera:

As with its fancy screen technology, cameras are an area you expect Sony to be on top of. After all, this is a company that not only makes sensors for its own high-end cameras, but also for its smartphone competitors at Apple and Samsung.

Despite this, the camera hardware on Z phones has been identical since the Z2. It seems a big change is coming in terms of imaging, and this tidbit is actually from Sony itself, or at least one of its European bureaus:
he shape and size of the phone in the picture makes it unlikely this is a flagship Xperia Z5, although it could easily be the Z5 Compact (or, if Sony hasn't learnt its lesson, something completely different).

There are countless other bits and pieces that point to what Sony could be cooking up (for example it launched a quiet test of a new "stripped back" Android skin in July, could it be looking to ditch the bloatware?), but the most convincing rumours point to a trio of high-end phones that update the Z3 in predictable but powerful ways.

The landmark in the teaser image above is the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, and the date points to a couple of days before IFA gets underway in that city, so it's clear we don't have long to wait to find out if Sony has the goods to get it back out of the shadows.

News Microsoft Product Update Report : Microsoft Office 2016 To Launch On 22 September

After officially rolling out Windows 10, Microsoft is now gradually releasing updates to match up the new operating system. The company is rumoured to release the final version of the Office 2016 next month.

WinFuture learned from a source close to Microsoft that the company will launch Office 2016 on September 22. The report also claims to have sources inside Microsoft who provided them with a leaked screenshot of the company’s intranet site.

A page called the Office 2016 Launch Hub stated, “We’ll release Office 2016 with updates for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Skype for Business, Project, Visio, Access, and Publisher. The innovation wave continues in Q2 with the release of E5 and Skype for Business, and on-premise servers will follow.” Microsoft has apparently already informed its employees in the last few days that the official launch for Office 2016 will take place end of September.

Back in June, Microsoft had released Office 2016 for Mac along with new apps for Android phones as well. An Office 365 subscription gets you – $70 for a single Mac or Windows PC at a time, or $100 for five. Mobile apps are free, though a subscription unlocks advance features that most people won’t need. Mac and Windows versions are sold the traditional way, too, with a one-time payment, though you can’t use Office on another PC without buying it again.
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