News Gaming Update : Street Fighter V Will Come With 16 Characters Out Of The Box And Additional DLC Characters

Since the EVO fighting championship is currently on, the hype for the latest Street Fighter is at a record high. Even though fans are going to have to be patient for a little while longer before they get a chance to play Street Fighter V, the developers of the game Capcom released certain details about their latest instalment in the franchise at EVO.

This game is going to launch with sixteen playable characters that is only three characters less than the previous Street Fight IV which came with nineteen characters. You shouldn’t worry too much about this though since Capcom has worked very hard on getting rid of the “clone” characters and have tried to give every character a unique feel which is quite evident from the overhaul Ken has received.
Capcom is going to continue adding characters to the game through the DLC (downloadable content) which can be purchased in-game or even earned while you play. This is wonderful since players who do not want to spend days on the game can still purchase characters and make them usable right away while people who do not want to spend the extra money can rough it out and earn the characters.

Capcom is also going to be getting rid of those stupid re-releases like Ultra & Super which were released by the previous instalment. With Street Fighter V, players are only going to need the original release with every other update coming for free.

Street Fighter V is going to release next year during spring on the PS 4 and the PC. There is also an exclusive PS 4 Beta which is in the making and should be online by the 23rd of July.
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