News Xbox Gaming Update : Xbox One Streaming Goes Live For All

On Friday, Microsoft announced that game streaming for its Xbox One console to Windows 10 PCs has been opened to everyone running the latest build of Windows 10, which is currently 10240. The software giant also said it was planning several updates on features to the Xbox app during the next couple of days, including the ability for that app to mine old PC games and then add them to your complete game collection.
Just as it suggests, game streaming sends game play from Xbox One to a PC that is connected, allowing a gamer to play one game in his bedroom for instance, while another family members watches football on the television in the living room.

This ties the ecosystem at Microsoft together, which gives bonuses for owning a number of different gear made by Microsoft, including Xbox One and a PC with Windows 10.

Previously, game streaming was made a preview application by Microsoft, which required users to run a preview version of the dashboard of Xbox One in order to gain access. With this new update, all users must do is ensure they are running on Windows 10’s most recent build and the most recent version of the app for Xbox.

Microsoft said that the Xbox app should update automatically via Windows Store, but you will need to go to Settings in the Xbox One app  to ensure it possesses 7.7.16004.00000 or higher.

Game streaming needs to be enabled on both the console and on the PC with Windows 10. Once both are enabled and you are connected, you can choose a game from the collection you have and just push play on the console.

Then you will have to own and connect to either a wire Xbox 360 or Xbox One controller to a tablet or PC for it to work.

Throughout the month of July, Microsoft said other new capabilities would be added to the app for Xbox.

The updates include support for PC games that are older, allowing old games to be shown by gamers.
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