News Gaming Update : 'The Flock' Is A Multiplayer Horror Game That Shuts Down When Everybody Dies

The Flock is an interesting concept. Most games are built with longevity in mind, but this game—developed by indie Dutch studio Vogelsap—is about temporariness.

Here’s how it works:

Players all start the game as creatures of the Flock and they’re all after one thing: the Artifact. This is a light source that transforms whoever holds it into a new being, the Carrier.

You want to hold the Artifact for as long as possible, using its light to fight off challengers and complete objectives. That’s how you win a match.
It’s designed to be scary in an unscripted sense, using light and darkness and the hunt-or-be-hunted asymmetrical gameplay to conjure frights.

The game also has a unique twist in terms of end-game. After its launch on Steam later this year, the game will have a maximum number of players. Each time someone dies, the player count will drop by one. This will go on until the game’s epic conclusion, whereupon it will shutdown.

Forever :

“We want the game to have a climactic finale after which people will fondly remember the game, instead of it to slowly wither away,” the developer told Eurogamer. There is no second season coming. No planned sequel.

It’s a cool concept for an indie title—something that probably wouldn’t work with a mainstream game. Players would be furious!

It reminds me of temporary art—artwork designed to fade with time, or be erased, or washed away by the tide. There’s something sad and wistful about this kind of creation. It mirrors life too closely.

I’m very curious to see how it plays out.
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