News Apple Product Update : iOS 8.1.2 Jailbreak Latest Update: Apple Stops Signing Firmware

Jailbreaking iPhones is nothing new but with the latest development, users may want to think twice before doing so. This includes running into trouble such as app malfunctions or phone problems which ordinarily could be resolved by resorting to a system restore.

With Apple now putting a stop to the signing of iOS 8.1.2 the tactic by some to jailbreak their Apple devices such as the iPhone will now be impossible.

Apple released iOS 8.1.2 last January and should it come to a point that a user would have to restore the OS of his Apple de
vice for one reason or another, the most likely scenario is that you would be ending up restoring to the iOS 8.1.3.

In this scenario, restoring their device would mean having the latest iOS 8.1.3 where jailbreaking will no longer be allowed. Normally, users would resort to downgrading their iOS for their device to be jailbroken and enjoy the benefits to gain the maximum system access from their phone or tablet.

For current devices that have already been jailbroken, a safe alternative for now is to avoid applying the latest update from Apple and pray that your device would not eventually require you to resort to a system restore.

Although that scenario could be tricky, it evidently points to an eventual check on jailbreaking alternatives that users would do to try and avoid paying and getting full access on their phone.

To date, there is no word yet on whether a jailbreak for the iOS 8.1.3 would be coming out. However, all that may be put on hold until Apple releases an iOS version which will also address Apple's upcoming device, the Apple Watch, set to debut in April.
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