Intel Claims Clover Trail-based Atom Won't Properly Run Linux, Points Us To Windows 8 instead

There's possibly bad information forward if you're expecting to remove the generate on that upcoming HP Envy X2 and load Ubuntu -- Apple allegedly stated at IDF that Clover Trail-based Atom processor chips "cannot" manage A linux systemunix effectively. As defined in The Inquirer's consideration of activities, the problem is more a issue of marketing than an overall block: A linux systemunix doesn't yet know how to deal all of Clover Trail's power condition changes at the kernel level, which would put any penguin-powered PC at a drawback. Apple would really, really choose that you run Windows 8, as the new Atom and Windows OS are updated to perform hand-in-hand. A linux systemunix might capture up, but the Windows-only focus is a distinct crack from Intel's propensity to bath love on open-source OS tasks across the panel, such as continuous perform like Intel-native Android operating system creates or Tizen.

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