Did PC Makers Copycat The MacBook Air And Pro?

Summary: A San Francisco-based creative director and design consultant looks at PC notebooks before and after Apple introduced the MacBook Air. Looks familiar. 

According to writing by Sebastiaan de With, it's easy to tell which company is the market head. The business style begins looking the same.

    How do you know somebody's the market leader? When this happens. It’s not just mobile phones. Or pills. Or TV remote controls. Seeing this Apple company macbook computer Air/iPad multiple by New Samsung today inspired me to make this fast collection.

Before the MacBook Air, notebooks came in a wide range of shades with nasty supports and enclosures. Afterwards, the lot appear to have metal or titanium supports with dark important factors and a large track pad.

Of course, PC creators have put all their styles on a diet. With styles trying to get slimmer and slimmer, the styles will seem towards ubiquity, certainly of sillouette, such as the new "lighter-than-MacBook-Air" Gb X11.

This isn't Apple's first powerful computer style. I would point to the PowerBook 500 sequence, code-named Blackbird, which was presented in 1994 and was really the first true pc alternative. It was the first computer to have a built-in Ethernet slot (as well as an AppleTalk port), music audio, a track pad and an inner development bay. It also came with a shade display, assistance for PC Cards, and a key pad with operate important factors. I have one of them in some box in a storage space locker. A amazing device.

I keep in mind seeing the Blackbird, as well as the later code-name Lombard housing (the 1999 PowerBook G3) used as a brace in a number of films, often sci-fi category pictures. These are stunning devices.

However, as opposed to what has occurred with the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, the business style of these PowerBook devices weren't duplicated commonly. It was the guidelines of functions and requirements that were duplicated. Apple company wasn't the head in the market back then.
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