Oracle's Emergency Java Patch Brings Sandbox Bypass

Summary: Users that quickly patched against the recent Java zero-day may have just opened themselves up to yet another vulnerability.

Oracle's newest spot to shut up several weaknesses that were being definitely utilized in the crazy may not have been enough, with scientists now declaring that even the newest spot (Version 7 Upgrade 7) contains yet another weeknesses.

Researchers at Protection Search have been scrutinising Coffee as part of a study, and were able to validate on the Bugtraq subscriber record on Saturday mid-day that the past weaknesses found had been shut by the newest spot. The organization also stated that it revealed these weaknesses to Oracle in Apr 2012.

However, the newest spot (update 7) may have another weeknesses that allows an enemy to evade the Coffee Exclusive Device sand pit in a different way to the past manipulate.

According to Protection Search, it has sent Oracle evidence of idea value, which shows the weeknesses in the newest spot, and it is looking forward to verification. The analysis organization has not launched any value into the community, revealing that it will create up a specialized document on the problem, though only once Oracle has made a spot available.

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