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Summary: What intelligent clothing will we be wearing in the future? Perhaps these items of wearable tech will be in our wardrobes.
Wearable iPhone :
Only a mock up at the moment but a distinct possibility for the future. Designer Federico Ciccarese has attached an iPhone to a spider-like flexible device which is worn on the hand.

Credit: Appadvice

'Inner Cyborg' :
Concept for silicon and silk implantable devices that sit under the skin like a tattoo. The tattoos carry micro LEDs which turns your skin into an interactive screen. Turn on the display and get keyboards and other interactive controls.

Credit: Impact Lab
Sleep talker cap :
Conceptual dream catcher cap to let you transmit your dreams into another person. Sci-fi tech could almost be here.

Credit: Artnet
Air purifying future couture
Wearable technology meets haute couture. Personalised air service for women concerned about the air they breathe.

Credit: MSNBC

Sixth Sense wearable computer :
Allows the wearer to project digital information onto any type of surface and navigate the screen using hand gestures.

Credit: Sam Ogden/Science Photo Library
Intimacy dress :
The dress is controlled by a wireless ball which communicates with the dress using RF signals. As the ball is brought closer to the dress, the dress becomes more transparent.
By Daan Roosegaarde / Maartje Dijkstra
Credit: Fashioning Tech

LED Solar Power Necklace :
Wearable solar powered art. The solar panels charge the LED lights but it would be very useful to plug in to your cell phone when the battery dies. Designed by May Yokoyama.

Credit: Inhabitat

Wearable Projection Computer :
Wearable computer that projects the display to a nearby surface. Controlled by hand gestures and voice recognition.

Credit: Gadget, Ink

BodyGuard electro-gauntlet :
Combines laser pointer, video camera and taser to get you out of those tricky moments in life.

Credit: Dvice

AirMouse wearable mouse :
Flexible mouse worn on the hand with right and left mouse click buttons in the palm. Integral optical tracking laser.

By Deanmark Ltd.

Credit: The Design blog
Weather Mood accessory:
A personal weather armband. Use it fo 'feel' the weather at a location or adjust the display to reflect your present mood.

Credit: Futurist Speaker

Smartphone peripheral :
Integrates sensors, cameras, displays and controllers into the fabric of the clothing. Focuses on inward body funtions and outward environmental conditions.

Credit: Futurist Speaker
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