15 Wearable Tech : Accessories

Summary: Geek tech to add extra functionality to your day wear.

Wearable MP3 Player :
Touch screen on the back of the hand giving complete control and access to your playlist.
Credit: Designbuzz
Heartbeat Necklace :
Celtic knotted triangle with LEDs that flash in sync with the wearer's heart rate. The user wears a heart rate monitor and the receiver is housed on the necklace.
Credit: Fashioning Tech

Networked Frontline Safety gloves :
Gesture based communications tool designed for firefighters. Sensors in the gloves convey simple gestures to the partners gloves in low visibility or loud noise environments. 
The icon is transmitted to the other glove to indicate the gesture.
Credit: Fashioning Tech

Wearable keyboard :
This keyboard is intended for military use but does not restrict movement on the arm. Designed to withstand rain, dirt and extreme temperatures.

Credit: Fashion Victims

Scentsory Chameleon bodysuit :
This military camouflage version of the body suit has built in pathogen detectors, fuel cell and electroluminescent display. Monitors health of the wearer and can relay the information to medics and react to biological agents.

Credit: Technovelgy

Biotech sensor wristband :
Monitors for blood clots (thromboses) when flying. Would warn of potential hazards whilst in the air for travelers who are at risk of blood clots that could lead to fatal conditions such as heart attacks.

Credit: Trendsupdates
Wearable entertainment system :
A partnership between Burton and Motorola.  Stream music wirelessly from your phone to your jacket. Bluetooth technology enables wireless streaming and speakers in the hood for musical boarding.

Credit: Go Bluelife
Ultra rugged wearable PC :
Contained within a camouflage vest, this 'modular tactical system' splits components and distributes them throughout the soldiers uniform making it easier for the military to configure to suit their needs.

Credit: Mobilemag

Jawbone UP :
Wristband to track your habits. Works with your iPhone. Track your daily activities on the go such as workouts, sleep, activity and eating habits.

Credit: AppAdvice

Wearable projector :

Microsoft Research have come up with this wearable projector. It's a Kinect motion controller and a pico projector wich mounts on your shoulder and projects onto a surface. You can then interact with the surface like a touchscreen.
Credit: Geek.com

Motion sensitive shoes :
Shoes measure dance movements relayed to the circuit board on the side of the shoe and on to the PC. Input then converts the movements into perfectly synchronised music.  Perfect for all those Dads trying to dance at weddings.

Credit: Sam Ogden / Science Photo Library
Wearable computer :
Visual output visor which senses the environment to change its mode or remind the user of tasks

Credit: Lee Powers/Science Photo Library
LED Circuit pendant :
Build a basic circuit, fill it with LED lights, attach it to a pendant. Instant geek chic.

Credit: Elite choice

Wearable Absence garment :
Stores a database of digital memories. Users of the garment can retrieve information from an absent person's life via cell phone.

Automatically triggered by bio-sensors that monitor physical state such as heartbeat temperature and respiration rate.

Credit: Wearable Absence
Rugged wrist wearable wireless computer :
Fibreglass reinforced nylon, magnesium alloy case.  Designed for harsh environments and defense applications.

Weighs 23 ounces, Linux OS, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS compass, biometric sensor, tilt and dead reckoning system.

Credit: Techarena

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