7 Wearable Tech : Lasers

Summary: Show off with some laser wearables, gadgets and gizmos.
 Laser suit:
Performance wear enhanced with lasers by Wei-Chieh Shih.

Credit: Fashioning Tech
Soft Tech:
Developed by Philips to show emotive technology in clothing. Patterns and colour changes occur to predict the emotional state.

Credit: Fashioning Tech
Laser enhanced shoulder pads:
Costume worn by Rhianna at the AMA's. Designed by Moritz Waldemeyer.

Credit: Fashioning Tech

Laser Guitar:
White furry Gibson Les Paul guitar with LEDs and Lasers.

Credit: Fashioning Tech

Laser wristwatch:
Concept wristwatch that flashes a laser beam which projects the time onto a flat surface. Hours are marked on the outser ring, 5 minute intervals on the second ring and single minutes on the iner ring.
Credit: Design Buzz

Sign language translator:
Cameras track hand movements in sign language. The signs are then translated to English text on a PC or cell phone to help communicate with non sign language users.

Credit: Georgia Tech
Laser targeting wrist mounted crossbow:
Home made crossbow with carbon fibre bolts with brass and steel tips. Watch the video showing how it was contructed.

Credit: Geeky Gadgets

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