16 Wearable Tech : Clever Clothing

Summary: Wish your jackets were more intelligent? Here are a few amazing items of clothing that practically think for themselves.
Beauty and the Geek jeans:
Wireless keyboard, mouse and computer speakers built in to designer jeans. Will work with most laptop computers. Designed by Erik De Nijs.

Credit: Inventor Spot

Electronic shirt:
Integrated sensors track performance data such as heart rate, breathing, skin surface temperature and acceleration. Transmitted by Bluetooth to phones and PC's giving your trainer real time information of movement and performance.

Credit: Gadget Tech

Posture suspenders:
Delivers a vibration to remind you to stop slouching. Build your own using an Arduino board, wireless radio and battery.

Credit: PC&Tech Authority

E-pressed sweater:
E-pressed is a sweater that monitirs the 'inner state' of the wearer through a customer galvanic skin resistor sensor. Negative emotions are communicated to the wearer and others.

Credit: Fashioning Tech

Assistive Scarf:
Guides visually impaired people via a series of electronic sensors to detect objects in the path. It communicates obstacles via a vibrating motor which defines the proximity and direction of the obstacle.

Credit: Gizmo Watch

DJ Hoodie:
Soft circuit joined hoodies to sample and alter sounds. As the sensor is tugged by the movement of the heads then the filters change the effect of the sound.

Credit: Fashioning Tech

Metal Detector flip flops :
Strap the detector unit to your calf and go for a walk.  When a metal object is underfoot, a magnetic field is distorted and the battery pack buzzes.

Credit: Games, Gadgets & more
Pong prom :
Hoodie with arduino controller and accellerometer. Dance controlled by participants movements.

Credit: psfk

Modwells system :
An array of input and output sensors assess and collect health data.

Credit: Techno chicas
GPS NavJacket :
Integrated GPS and LCD Display. Connect the jacket to a cell phone and create and edit new routes through the mountains via waypoints. Track and follow GPS enabled friends too.

Credit: Crooze.

MP3 Player Jacket :
This neat idea uses the garment zipper for volume control. The volume increases as you zip up the garment. Integrated soft circuit wiring connects jacket and gadget. Built in headphones. 

Credit: E cool gadgets

Solar powered mini dress :
448 white circuit board tiles interspersed with black solar cells power the dress and light it at night. Designed by Despona Papadopolous.

Credit: Ecouterre
Sense of touch gloves :
Gloves with special fingertip that use stochastic resonance to improve the wearer's sense of touch. Uses an actuator to generate high frequency vibrations and increase the sensitivity of the fingertip.

Credit: Robaid

Printing Dress :
Dress made from black and white rice paper. Buttons look like typewriter keys on the bodice.
Messages appear on the skirt via a short throw projector and laptop.

Credit: Windows for Devices
Scottevest solar jacket :
Recharge your USB compatible devices on the go with this solar jacket. The solar panels charge a small battery to power your device. Jackets available for women and men.

Credit: Talk 2 my shirt
Sport Bluetooth iJacket :
Bluetooth interface and integrated microphone on the jacket collar allow voice dialling and conversations along with music.

Credit: Talk 2 my shirt
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