11 Wearable Tech : Circuit Chic

Summary: Wearable tech goes green. Clothing and accessories made from recycled circuit boards. 

Boxer shorts :
Dubbed Population Control 2.0 by designer Emiko-o, these boxer shorts remind us about continual laptop use being linked to male infertility.

Credit: Rewarestyle

Vintage tie pin :
Betsy Berberian uses circuit boards and brass to make vintage tie pins.

Credit: BBC

Battery powered dress :
35 circuit boards create a wearable musical instrument which create sounds through copper plates on wearers fingers. Designer Nicky Assmann

Credit: CNN
Circuit board heels :
By Steven Rodrig. I don't think I'd consider slipping my feet into these at all. Stylish but ouch.

Credit: PCBCreations
Circuit board tie :
Printed Circuit Board tie with pattern printed onto the tie fabric and flashing LED lights.

Credit: Talk2myshirt

'Groovy Garbage' bracelet :
Made from recycled circuit board, smoothed and given a matte varnish finish.

Credit: Etsy

Data Sandals :
Made from motherboards, ribbon wire and electronic components. A work of art rather than a must wear fashion item.

Credit: Etsy
Geek earrings :
Identity circuit boards, hard drive head propulsion armatures, circuit earrings designed for the hostile environment of outer space, or a circa 1950 missile guidance system.

Credit: ArtEco
Sneakers :
Weighing 15lbs, you probably won't be doing much sneaking around in these shoes. Made by junk metal artist Gabriel Dishaw out of computers and typewriters.
Credit: Gabriel Dishaw
Clock :
From salvaged parts of a Mac.  Other recycled Mac items include jewellery and accessories.

Credit: Geekware

Digital Hat :
Velvet, leather and cotton with circuit board pattern and electronics. Hand sewn

Credit: Inaeent.com

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