Battlefield 4 Website Up, Hints At Rain Being Prominent In The Game

We seem to be getting nearer to the Battleground 4 statement. The web page for the experience is up, though it doesn't provide us with much in the way of details about the experience, except that it will have aquariums. The web page has what seems to be a rain-covered cup screen, and you can shift your rabbit around to get a glance at what's on the other part of the screen for a matter of a few moments before it fogs up again.

The image behind the "glass window" seems to be almost the same as the promotion art that was released a few times ago, with the only distinction being the deficiency of a guy operating towards you. The aquariums are the same as the one from the promotion art.

Where Battleground 3 and Battlefield: Bad Organization 2 targeted on extremely destructible surroundings, Battleground 4 might have a powerful climate program. This is extremely suggested by the promotion art and the "rainy" web page. It will be exciting to see whether a climate program would have any keeping on game perform like the destructible surroundings, or if it will basically be screen putting on a costume. 
The promotion art for Battleground 4 was released previously this weeks time. Of course, going by the image, EA does not seem to be splitting any new reasons here. The adventure will still probably be the same contemporary army present shooter with an focus on huge charts and automobiles in multi-player. From the rainfall, though, perhaps some powerful climate program may be at perform. Can be.

Recently, the statement time period for Battleground 4 was exposed to be April 26. It was exposed by activity reporter He Keighley on his Tweets consideration.

"It's official: Battleground 4 introduction happens on April 26 in San Francisco," said the twitter. We don't have much details about the next activity, but we do know that it will still be set in the contemporary era. While predicted, this may be a disadvantage for the experience as its contemporary—the Contact of Responsibility series—has handled a semi-science stories establishing with Dark Ops II.

DICE Common Administrator Karl Magnus Troedsson exposed in Aug last season that Battleground 4 will remain in the contemporary era establishing. "There's a lot of factors motivating us as to how the series will shift on. Everything from fans' reviews, to researching the industry and, of course, what we want to develop ourselves. It's not just one individual factor," said Troedsson. "And, yes, I know Battleground 4 is probably the most innovative name we ever could come up with. I can't opinion any more on that activity because it's all key," he included in a crazy part observe.

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