Nine Samsung Devices That Apple Wants To Ban

Summary: A jury decided that more than 25 Samsung phones and tablets contained contained technology that violated Apple patents. Now Apple wants to make sure than 9 of them won't get sold in the US.

Apple won a $1.05 billion jury verdict over Samsung in a fight about which company's patent claims for tablets and smartphones were valid. The jury's ruling said that several Samsung smartphones/tablets were in violation of Apple patents.

Now, Apple wants even more revenge by obtaining a permanent ban on Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablets, which already has a temporary restraining order against its sales, and 8 other smartphones to be banned for sales in the US. A hearing on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 will be held on Sept. 20 while a hearing on the other devices has been pushed back to December. Here are the 8 other devices in question.

The Droid Charge was determined to contain 4 patent violations. The jury decided that its patent violations were worth $50.7 million.

Galaxy Prevail from Boost Mobile: The jury ruled 3 patent violations. The jury put the damages from the Galaxy Prevail at $57.8 million.

Galaxy S Showcase: The jury ruled 2 patent violations. The jury pegged the Showcase for just over $22 million in damages.

Galaxy S 4G from T-Mobile: The jury ruled 5 patent violations and two claims of trade dress (the look and feel of the device). For this, the jury awarded $73.3 million in damages.

T-Mobile's Galaxy SII: The jury ruled 3 patent violations. It said the damages were worth $83.8 million.

The Galaxy SII Skyrocket:  The jury ruled 1 patent violation and set damages at $32.2 million.

The jury decided that Apple was due $40.9 million for patent violations from Samsung.

The jury decided that Apple was due $40.9 million for patent violations from Samsung.

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