Apple Targets Galaxy SIII, Note In US Patent Suit

Summary: Apple has added the Samsung Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note to its list of Android products that it claims violates Apple's patents.

After obtaining a major court success just over a week ago, Apple company has revised its processing in another certain suit against New Samsung, declaring the New Samsung Galaxy SIII and Galaxy Note goes against a number of patents held by the Cupertino, California-based technical massive.

The processing, first identified by Apple company Core, was created on Saturday and statements that the gadgets infringe on eight Apple company patents, such as the worldwide search certain, fall to discover, and word achievement patents.

Apple is focusing on 21 gadgets launched between Aug 2011 and Aug 2012: Galaxy S III, Verizon Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note, Galaxy S II Skyrocket, Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch, Galaxy S II, Galaxy S II T-Mobile, Galaxy S II AT&T, Galaxy Nexus, Illusion, Captivate Glide, Exhibit II 4G, Stratosphere, Transform Ultra, Admire, Conquer 4G, Dart smartphones, Galaxy Player 4.0, Galaxy Player 5.0, Galaxy Note 10.1, Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus, and Galaxy Tab 8.9.

Apple in its processing said that, despite the other court action before Assess Hannah Koh, New Samsung "continued to overflow the industry with copycat items," and the court action is seeking to put an end to Samsung's activities.

"Samsung has consistently duplicated Apple's impressive technological innovation and items, features, and designs, and has flooded markets with infringing gadgets in an effort to usurp business from Apple company. Instead of seeking separate service, New Samsung slavishly duplicated Apple's impressive technological innovation, with its stylish and unique user connections item design, in abuse of Apple's useful ip privileges," Apple company said in its processing.

It is ambiguous whether this new processing will have any impact on the continuous Australia case. No new filings have been created since Aug 29, and Apple's Australia representative dropped to thoughts when asked about it.

A hearing on whether the gadgets will be prohibited is planned to be heard in Dec. A New Samsung professional was revealed as saying that the company may even consider changing the performance of these gadgets to ensure that they remain available on the industry in the US.

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