Microsoft Planning ‘Child-Friendly' Mode For Windows Phone 8?

The flow last week of the Windows Mobile cellphone 8 SDK exposed a multitude of new functions, both small and big, with new findings ongoing to be created every day. Some of the many improvements lately discovered include enhanced Wireless support, reasoning SMS back-up and major improvements in Internet Traveler 10.

But not all of the changes are quite so apparent, and require a lot more searching and a very eager eye before they are discovered. While poring through the WP8 computer pc personal computer computer system windows registry, one exciting development was created which suggestions at a possible new ‘child-friendly’ function for the mobile OS.

Under Software > Family in the computer pc personal computer computer system windows registry, a subkey called ‘KidZone’ can be found, which Windows Mobile cellphone Cyberpunk considers – based on the name and settings data – is the groundwork of a ‘child-safe’ function for Windows Mobile cellphone 8. A web search for KidZone spews up details of a complex Operating system app with the same name; this indicates that the computer pc personal computer computer system windows registry access is likely using an temporary placeholder name. 

Exactly what such a child-safe function might look like in Windows Mobile cellphone 8 is ambiguous as there do not yet appear to be any labeled KidZone functions or features in the SDK – but the everyday living of those computer pc personal computer computer system windows registry records is exciting, and might just be an idea towards a function that has not yet been declared, and which could be created available in a future SDK upgrade, or which may even still be in early development.

But with verification that the Windows Store on WP8 devices will function optionally available PIN protection to prevent children from making unsuitable or unwanted buys, the addition of a wider and more solid set of adult control functions throughout the OS doesn't seem entirely irrational.

As Windows Mobile cellphone Cyberpunk says though, take this all with a big amount of sodium as, for now at least, this continues to be very much the stuff of rumours.
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