What Apple Should Copy From The Samsung Galaxy SIII

Summary: Apple can learn a lot from Samsung's latest hotness. Design matters and Apple needs to stop recycling the same tired iPhone form factor. Three years is simply too long. Although it has its flaws, the Samsung Galaxy SIII is the Android phone to have. Until the next one comes out, that is.

The New Samsung Galaxy SIII is a fantastic smart mobile cellphone and, in a lot of methods, it's better than the iPhone 4S.

In the Drop of 2011 Apple organization launched the transformative iPhone 4S instead of arriving out with a innovative iPhone 5. Yawn. Sure, it comes with a quicker processor and Siri, but it uses the same type aspect and display dimension as the iPhone 4 which came out last season.

Apple relaxed on its laurels and New Samsung captured the iPhone flat-footed. (Let's set aside for a second the present Apple organization New Samsung lawsuits concentrate on the hardware).

While many individuals were amazed when the iPhone 5 didn't come out in the Drop of 2011, Apple organization was duplicating record. In the 2008 it launched the iPhone 3 then a season later last year it launched the iPhone 3GS in the same form-factor. Some consult this as the the "tick-tock" launch pattern. Apple's present beat is to launch a new form-factor one season (tick), then launch a new version of the same type aspect with improved internals 12 several weeks later (tock).

While Apple organization sat on the side lines for a whole season (a life-time in techbology) with the same, exhausted iPhone style other mobile cellphone creators took possibilities and came out with new styles. Apple organization used to be the one getting the possibilities, but since it became the industry head the advancement seems to be reducing.

I've been examining a New Samsung GS3 (a.k.a. SCH-1535) on Verizon wifi Wireless ($199 w/2 season contract) and it's an amazingly awesome system. It dwarves the iPhone 4S in actual dimension, but the GS3's style visual creates the iPhone  look like Johhny Ive took an prolonged vacation.

The ageing iPhone 4 is an industrial-looking prevent of steel and cup. When the first images of the iPhone 4 published, I was certain it was an incomplete model or technological advancement mule that was missing an external frame. The GS3 by evaluation is sleek and shapely and seems excellent in the side. The iPhone seems type of like an ice scrape or something you might use to eliminate background with (and it doesn't age well, the steel frame looks like trash after a while).


The GX3 has excellent type aspect, a huge 4.8-inch display, blazing-fast LTE rate, an NFC processor, and Android operating system can do factors that iOS still can't (widgets, Swype, Hooha, CyanogenMod 10, etc.). I've become absolutely in love with Verizon wifi Wireless' wicked-fast 4G/LTE system since they lit up a new LTE structure about 10 kilometers from my home (your usage may vary).


It's greatest issue is that the GX3 doesn't run Android operating system 4.1 (Jelly Bean). Our own Wayne Kendrick nailed it, the GS3 should have delivered with Jellybean, not the obsolete Android operating system 4.0 (Ice Lotion Sandwich). Gossips continue to persist that Jam Vegetable will come to the GX3 as soon as the next day (this movie reveals it in action) but I'll believe it when I get the force alert. Another big detraction on the GX3 is the New Samsung TouchWiz epidermis which operates on top of Android operating system 4.0. Providers need to instantly quit skinning Android operating system or, at a mimimum, offer a establishing to "revert to inventory Android operating system." Enough already, I dislike all Android operating system themes.

Granted, rectangle compared to shapely is a very subjective viewpoint but it's more than that. The iPhone 4/4S' actual style hasn't modified in two decades and it's really beginning to demonstrate its age. What's really terrifying is from the components leaking it looks like the iPhone 5 will appear in basically the same iPhone 4/4S "ice scraper" type aspect, only higher. Sheesh.

I know that the iPhone is the industry head and that Apple organization is the most effective organization and everything, but it needs to quit with the "year off" rubbish. Apple organization needs to upgrade the iPhone components style every season to keep it present and clean. More than that, Apple organization needs to pay nearer interest to what customers want and -- most significantly --what the competitors is doing.

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