Dell's Project Stratus Device Management Console Goes Into Public Beta

Summary: Another result from Dell's purchase of Wyse Technologies earlier this year: the company can now offer a unified, cloud-based console to handle PCs, smartphones, tablets, thin clients and zero clients.

 Dell has tossed its new Venture Stratus system control gaming system into what it calling 'public beta', making it available to Dell Wyse clients and associates for month-long test times.

The cloud-based gaming system is developed to keep a manage on the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) pattern. It allows IT staff safely manage a variety of gadgets, such as PCs, mobile phones, pills, slim clients and OS-free zero clients.

Project Stratus is one outcome of Dell's purchase in Apr of Wyse Technological innovation, the virtualisation and slim customer company — a cope that has already permitted Dell to move out new products for the academic industry.

"As the BYOD pattern [occurs] and organizations start to look at other customer technology like applications, we see IT requiring the capability to quickly adjust and accept new end-user service distribution designs," Venture Stratus cause Hector Angulo said in a writing on Thursday.

"Project Stratus was developed to offer this nimbleness in a simple, protected and cost-effective program — if IT needs to control end individual gadgets, they can; if all they care about is handling how business information and applications are provided regardless of system, it can manage that too."

Dell is throwing Venture Stratus as a easier and less expensive substitute to operating such control controllers on on-premises hosts.

The gaming system provides real-time statistics, and also provides signals about conformity offenses "with the choice to take contextual actions", Dell said. These activities could consist of caution the individual or preventing them, for example.

The actual advantage of Venture Stratus, though, is its specific characteristics. Until now, Dell's slim customer control item has come through collaboration with Devon IT. By purchasing Wyse, Dell can now move that performance into the same user interface used for other kinds of customer.
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