News Apple OS Update : At Last - iOS 9 Won't Make You Delete Your Apps To Clear Space For iPhone Updates

Handy inbuilt feature on Apple's new iPhone software will automatically delete and reinstall apps to free up space for large system updates

The days of deleting hundreds of photos from your iPhone to free up space for large software updates are over - thanks to a new feature within forthcoming operating system iOS 9.
Whereas in the past users were left frantically deleting the apps and elements which took up the most space, if you try to download iOS 9 on an iPhone or iPad with insufficient storage you are presented with a message offering to temporarily delete some apps so the software can be updated. The apps are then reinstalled following the download completion.

    hate that my phone has no space and i still cant download ios 8... never buying a 16gb ever again
    — El Max (@DesertScumbag) November 4, 2014

    Had to delete all these apps for iOS 8, just to download them right after it and still have space
    — Mik (@MikaylaaPaige) September 20, 2014

    I downloaded iOS 8 and it didn't even work and now I can't download it again because it's taken up all the space on my phone
    — Tom Bristow (@TomBristow2) September 20, 2014

    IOS 8: 5GB of free space for a 1.3GB download. iOS 8.1: 2.2GB of free space for a 120MB download. Seriously Apple.
    — Micah Singleton (@MicahSingleton) October 20, 2014

    The iPhone iOS 8 update only requires 7 GB of free space, a 10 X 10 storage building, and an empty tractor trailer to download it you guys.
    — Blunty Sarcastic (@Blunt_Sarcastic) September 29, 2014

Apple made a big point during its iOS 9 presentation at its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) earlier this month that the new update would require significantly less space than its predecessor. Once it's publicly available, iOS 9 will require 1.3GB of space, compared to iOS 8's whopping 4.58GB.

How the iOS 9 app deletion message will appear
The update is a smart method of ensuring as many iOS users as possible are running the latest version of the software. Around 84 per cent of iOS devices are currently running iOS 8, while 14 per cent are using iOS 7. Only 2 per cent are continuing to run iOS 6 or previous iterations, according to Apple. 

Updating to iOS 9 takes nowhere near as much space as iOS 8

iOS 9 will be available as a public beta program from next month, and the first Apple devices to ship with it are expected to be the next generation of iPhones, predicted to be announced in September.
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