Microsoft Office Coming To Android And Apple Devices In Early 2013

Summary: A Microsoft executive let slip in the Czech Republic that the long-rumored Microsoft Office for Android smartphones and tablets and Apple iPad and iPhones will be arriving in early 2013. Microsoft now denies that their executive was speaking accurately. 

 We've known for months that Ms was providing a version of Ms Workplace 2013 to Android operating system pills and Apple's iPad family. Now, according to the Czech technical information site, IHNED, Ms product administrator Petr Bobek has said that Ms is preparing to launch local iOS and Android operating system variations of Workplace 2013 in the first one fourth of 2013

Bobek, a Ms Workplace profile administrator in the Czech Republic, said that these new variations of Workplace will be available to bigger organizations and Ms associates In Dec 2012. small-office/home-office (SOHO) and family clients will have to delay until at least Feb. The online version of Workplace 365 version for cellular phone gadgets and pills will appear in beginning 2013.

In an e-mail, the writer of the INHED tale resolved that the discharge would be after Goal 2013. "We had a minor miscommunication with the MS people and the schedule for Workplace for iOS and Android operating system is not a Goal launch, but launch sometime after Goal."

Officially, the only thing Ms had to say at first was that "As we distributed formerly, Workplace Mobile will work across Microsoft windows Mobile phones, Android operating system phones and iOS, and we have nothing additional to declare these days about store option the new Workplace."

Later the same day, Microsoft windows head of business devices, Honest X. Shaw, declined the whole tale. Shaw tweeted, "The information distributed by our Czech Republic additional is not precise. We have nothing further to discuss."

No matter when Ms provides the Android operating system and iOS products, Microsoft windows assistance of any version of Workplace on a non-Windows smart phone or product hits me as an odd shift. In a investor page, Ms CEO Bob Ballmer said that Ms is moving its design to pay attention to gadgets and solutions. This is a extreme and risky shift for a company that's always made it money from application certification. And, now, instead of using Workplace as a crow-bar to pry clients from iPads and Android operating system pills to its Area pills, Ms is going to offer Workplace 2013 on its system rivals? Odd. Very odd.

Historically, Ms has closed its clients into its application environment. Since Ms is a non-starter in the cellular space, I find it amazing that they're not trying to manipulate its Workplace package in the same way in this new market.

That said, given the beginning reviews of Workplace 2013, which didn't even have contact allowed for its product variations by standard, I don't see Google, with Google Documents and QuickOffice, being concerned about Ms being a competing on either gadgets or solutions soon.

Updated with modification on releae time frame by Otakar Schon, the writer of the orginial Czech tale and Microsoft windows refusal of the tale.
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