News : WhatsApp Plus Reportedly Coming To The Market Bringing An Improved Experience

Between WhatsApp, Viber and Facebook Messenger, there aren’t many other popular messaging apps, and pretty much all users are running one of the big three. WhatsApp in particular rose to fame with its minimalistic and clean approach to its chat interface, as opposed to Viber and Messenger which allow their users to send “stickers” – a feature that some have been enjoying a lot, while others have been finding profoundly annoying. And now, WhatsApp is evolving, as the app is reportedly about to get an entirely new version called WhatsApp Plus, offering various new features that the original doesn’t have.

One of the things that WhatsApp Plus is going to give its users is more customization – the app itself is going to be much more flexible, with all-new themes, while chats will now offer a wider selection of emoticons to allow users to better express themselves. With regards to themes, it’s reported that the feature is going to be quite extensive, going beyond the simple wallpapers that were featured in the original WhatsApp – the new theme system will reportedly be used to change the entire look and feel of the interface, and will come with hundreds of pre-made themes for users to pick from.

The app will also see a shift towards a more secure-oriented development approach, with more privacy options, including the ability to hide one’s online status. Just like with the “seen” notification setting though, users who choose to disable their online status showing will also not be able to see the online status of others in their contacts list.

Last but definitely not least, if the reports are true, the new WhatsApp Plus is also going to introduce one feature that users have been requesting for a long time – the ability to share large files. It’s not known if there will be any limitations on filesize, although anything would be an improvement over the current situation for sure. With this change alone, WhatsApp can easily become an even more popular platform than it already is, as it can turn into a much more attractive ground for users who enjoy sharing large videos and music files.

No release date or other launch details have been announced for WhatsApp Plus as of yet, and it’s not known if the app will be paid, free, or follow a similar model like the current version that offers a one-year trial on some platforms. Some reports have claimed that WhatsApp Plus will come as a free upgrade to all users of the current version, though nothing has been mentioned about those who’re just about to get into the app for the first time, or those who want to change their numbers.
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