Windows Phone 8 App Submissions Up By 40 Percent

The main gripe people have about Ms windows phone 8 is its deficiency of programs, but it looks like that won't stay a problem for long. According to the Ms windows weblog, app syndication to the Ms windows phone Shop have gone up by 40 percent since the os was launched.

Microsoft also declared that app qualifications will stay open for most of the 1 month, such as what is usually described as holidays. The only times programs will not be examined are Dec 24, 25 and Jan 1. As the app qualifications procedure takes five times, designers are recommended to publish their programs on Dec 17 or Dec 21.

While the Ms windows phone 8 foundation is choosing up, it is in serious need of programs. Although the programs on the foundation seem to be of a greater standard in comparison to Android managing program, the OS does not have popular games and even social media options like Instagram. We were told lately by Ms windows phone associates that the number of programs will be reaching considerably greater numbers very soon. 
Earlier this 1 month, Ms declared that the Ms windows phone Shop now protects 113 nations. In a writing, the company also exposed that it would be moving out an upgrade for the Ms windows phone Dev Center and the Ms windows phone Shop.

The upgrade contains repairs to problems determined by customers, function improvements and expression of new country-specific guidelines. “On tap for this trend of up-dates are several behind-the-scenes changes designed to help improve the stability as well as of the Dev Center, in addition to the app distribution procedure,” read the weblog.

Microsoft is also encouraging designers to go for globally distribution of their programs by working with the Dev Center in order enhance the reach of new marketplaces, where a variety of new Ms windows Mobile phones have or will soon be launched.

Earlier this 1 month, the reason for the deficiency of a WhatsApp customer on Ms windows phone 8 was exposed. The web texting app appear to be going through some large modifications and will be launched for WP8 some time soon.

While there has been no formal statement from the designers of WhatsApp that an upgrade is on its way, one customer obtained a response that there is a new upgrade on the way and that it will be six times quicker than the past edition. Apart from this, WhatsApp described that there will also be new emoji involved in the new edition. WhatsApp has also described that it would continue to use the backdrop audio API. However, they are looking forward to Ms creating a way to keep the program running in the backdrop, and for this to happen, Ms would need to raise its limitations on third-party programs.

Many Ms windows phone customers have reported about the quality of the app for their gadgets and declare that it is not up to par as its edition is available on other systems such as iOS and Android managing program. Hopefully, all problems will be taken care of in the upgrade.
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