Polaroid To Launch Interchangeable Lens Android Camera?

At the beginning of 2012, Polaroid, declared the first Android os powered "smart camera", now there are suggestions that it is near launching an exchangeable contacts version.

To date, no other companies have launched digital cameras with exchangeable contacts that run on Android os, however both Nikon and Samsung have launched lightweight digital cameras using the os.

Having Android os on a digital camera means that a wide organize of applications can be downloadable, ranging from popular photography applications to email clients and public networking applications such as Facebook and Twitter. 
Leaked pictures display that the Polaroid digital camera looks extremely similar to the Nikon J1/J2 lightweight program digital camera, with a little body system signed up with by little contacts.

Size :

A few specifications appear to have also appeared, indicating that the digital camera will consist of an 18.1 million pixel indicator. Most importantly, the physical dimension the indicator is not known, but looking at the dimension the body system would lead to presumptions that it would be a fairly little indicator, just like the J2.

Other specifications consist of a pop-up flash, built in WiFi, a 3.5 inch touchscreen display screen and HDMI outcome. A European public networking network appears to demonstrate the digital camera with a 10-30mm optic, also surprisingly the same central length as the kit contacts that is found on the Nikon 1 program.

The new Polaroid organization isn't the same as the Polaroid of old, as its name was sold onto a new organization after the original organization collapsed. Since then, it has exchanged under the name Polaroid Corporation and has launched products such as the Z340, an instant photography digital camera.

Its intelligent digital camera never achieved a global audience after its statement in the US, but perhaps the exchangeable contacts digital camera will be more widely available.

Watch this space for any up-dates on its release.
via PhotoRumors
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