iPhone 5 Nano-SIM Hack : GiffGaff Recommends Running With Scissors

Summary: The operator, which does not offer proper nano-SIMs just yet, has suggested that customers can simply trim down older SIM cards for use in the iPhone 5. This suggests the method does work for that device, but that may not be the case for future nano-SIM phones as the new card is thinner than its predecessors.

The mobile virtual network operator GiffGaff has recommended that customers with iPhone 5s cut their SIM cards down to nano-SIM size using scissors.

GiffGaff confirmed how to execute the SIM surgery treatment in a writing on Saturday, indicating that it was a practical way to use a GiffGaff SIM or micro-SIM with Apple's new device. GiffGaff has not yet presented a nano-SIM — the iPhone 5 is the first device to use the structure, which was conventional in May.

The ETSI requirements system made the decision to go with Apple's nano-SIM style offer, rejecting solutions suggested by RIM and Nokia.

"If you're going to try this one at house for your iPhone 5, cut properly," GiffGaff industry primary Kim Faura said in a declaration. "Cutting too near could harm your SIM, or create it small than it needs to be so it won't create excellent get in touch with in the cell phone — it's better to have a cushty fit than a reduce one."

Faura included that, if a GiffGaff client does harm their SIM through the modifications, they can purchase a replace no cost.

GiffGaff's guidance seems to recommend that a attached SIM or micro-SIM can perform in the iPhone 5. This has been a much-debated query, as appropriate nano-SIMs are 12 % slimmer than types.

"We found… the iPhone 5 doesn't seem to proper value this limitation — a full-thickness SIM will fit in just excellent without any sanding," the operator's writing study.

Much of that will be down to Apple's nano-SIM plate style, though, and it is quite possible that un-sanded cards would not fit into other gadgets that go on to use the conventional.
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