13 iPad Apps Needed On Windows RT Tablets

Summary: Windows RT tablets are due to appear next month and will enjoy the exclusive inclusion of Office. That's not enough to make these tablets attract to buyers. These 13 apps on the iPad will fill the needs of many prospective buyers if properly ported to Windows RT.

Windows RT is soon to burst onto the scene onboard tablets, laptops, and hybrid computers. 
Microsoft is preinstalling a version of Office which is a big draw fro Windows RT tablets, but other Metro-style apps will be needed to give buyers what they need.

The 13 iPad apps in this collection are top apps that if ported to Windows RT will go a long way to making those tablets useful out of the box.

LogMeIn :
Long the leader of virtual machine environments, LogMeIn can negate the disadvantage of Windows RT tablets compared to more expensive Windows Pro models.

Windows RT cannot run legacy apps but with LogMeIn installed tablets could access Windows desktops to access those apps. It will also access Macs and Linux systems.

LogMeIn could go a long way toward making Windows RT tablets enterprise ready.

Skype :
This one should be easy to get rocking on Windows RT since Microsoft is in the driver's seat.

Skype is the standard for voice chats and could turn Windows RT tablets into mobile workstations

Evernote :
Windows RT will have Office onboard, but Microsoft should rely totally on Skydrive cloud support.

Millions of mobile users are entrenched in the Evernote cloud system, and a native Metro Evernote apps would be a big draw.

Kindle :
Tablets are good media consumption devices and the Kindle ecosystem is the biggest of them all.

Having a native Kindle app would greatly increase the usefulness of Windows RT tablets for buyers.

Chrome browser :
Internet Explorer is certainly a big draw for Windows RT but the Chrome browser is very popular.

While Microsoft has made it clear it won't allow browsers like Chrome in a native Windows RT format, let's hope it rethinks that for the benefit of prospective buyers.

PDF Expert :
Tablets make great platforms for working with PDF documents and this app is as good as they get.

In addition to being a good reader for PDFs, it also has outstanding pen support for filling out PDF forms on the go.

iThoughtsHD :
Mind mapping is great on the tablet, and this iPad app is an outstanding one for that purpose.

A good mind mapping app would be a good fit for Windows RT tablets, and having this one available would be an good value for buyers.
Wordpress :
Blogging on the go is a common pastime for tablets, and the Wordpress is popular on iOS and Android.

Windows RT tablets could benefit with having a native Wordpress app.

Mr. Reader :
This RSS reader on the iPad is a good example of one of the best tablet apps on any platform.

Having a version on Windows RT would go a long way to validate the platform for owners of the new tablets.
Zinio :
This app is long a standard for reading magazines on the tablet. Windows RT tablets may be considered work machines, but having the ability to check out the latest edition of favorite magazines is a good fit for the new tablets.

Flipboard :
This app has long been considered the standard for good apps on the iPad, and the recent Android version extended that.

Microsoft could gain good street cred having a native Windows RT version of Flipboard on its tablets.
TuneIn Radio :
This is one of my personal favorites on the iPad (Android, too) for listening to radio stations on the go.

Windows RT tablets are a natural for listening to radio while doing other things, and this app is the way to do it.
Downcast :
Listening to podcasts in the background while doing other things is a natural on the tablet, and while there are lots of apps for that Downcast is my favorite way to do that on the iPad.

Having this app on a Windows RT tablet would be great.
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