Amazon Closes Security Hole, Quietly

Amazon has very demanding guidelines in position regarding how customers can sign-up to their site and start creating buys. But what would you do if you needed to modify the e-mail deal with of your consideration that included your name, deal with, credit/debit card details?

What Amazon allowed was for an consideration owner to call in and modify the e-mail deal with as long as the call could be determined by name, e-mail deal with and emailing deal with. It’s these information that can be easily located online.

On Tuesday Amazon revised their plan avoiding customers from contacting and creating consideration configurations changes, like their card information or contact information associated with their consideration. No formal thoughts has been made by Amazon, but associates have stated that the changes have been put in position for “your protection.”

On Saturday 3rd of Aug, a 19 year old cyberpunk, determined as “Phobia”, obtained access to Honan’s consideration. You can read Neowin's report on how the situation then spiralled out of Honan’s control here.

Honan himself has confessed that daisy-chaining his accounts together was his own mistake and he greatly remorse his drops in protection.

Amazon’s plan modify was discovered when efforts to duplicate the manipulate unsuccessful.
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