Google’s Nexus 7 Tablet Crushes Kindle: Rich Jaroslovsky

 It’s the most-asked question by customers about any new technical gadget: “Should I get this now or is something better coming along soon?”

For customers of Amazon’s Amazon kindle Flame, we now have the answer: You should have patiently waited.

Google (GOOG)’s new Nexus 7 is targeted straight at the Amazon kindle Flame, the seven-inch color product that was the errant hit of the last holidays. The Nexus 7 obliterates every reason for buying the present Amazon kindle, and sets a high bar for whatever Amazon comes up with to substitute it.

The Nexus 7 is Google’s first venture into selling a product under its own brand. It’s currently available for pre-order from Search engines Perform, the firm's web shop, with customer transport predicted to begin next week. It costs $199 for a model with eight gb of storage, same as the Amazon kindle, or $249 for 16 gb.

The program is produced by Taiwan-based Asustek (2357), and Search engines select its partner sensibly. Asus creates some of the most beautiful pills and pcs this side of The apple company, and the Nexus 7 is as eye-catching and sleek as the Amazon kindle Flame is big and confusing.

At 7.8 inches wide high and 4.7 inches wide wide, the Nexus 7 is lightweight enough to fall into a wallet. A rubbery, distinctive back enables you to hold. Like the Amazon kindle Flame, it works only over a Wi-Fi connection; while the displays are the same dimension, the Nexus 7’s has a quality of 1280 x 800 p, compared to the Amazon kindle Fire’s 1024 x 600.
More and Better

The Search engines product also has a more highly effective, quad-core brand from Nvidia (NVDA), twice the storage space and better battery power. At four-tenths of an inches wide and 12 oz., it’s also slimmer and 18 percent brighter.

Go down the list of standard product functions, and the Nexus 7 benefits every one. Camera? None for the Kindle; the Nexus has a front-facing photographic camera and micro-ordinateur for video calling.

Bluetooth? The Amazon kindle does not have it; the Nexus 7 does.

GPS? Yes on the Nexus, along with a newly-enhanced Search engines app that lets you save charts for use even when you are off-line. The Amazon kindle has nothing like it.
The Amazon kindle has the Nexus defeat in one significant area: the level and level of the websites that are designed to keep them full of content. The Amazon kindle is greatly incorporated with Amazon (AMZN)’s shops for e-books, songs, films and video clips, which are all far better than the sparsely supplied Search engines Perform shop.
Amazon Alternatives

On the other hand, Amazon creates an excellent free app that allows you to buy and read Amazon kindle e-books on the Nexus 7. And there is always Blockbuster online (NFLX) for films and Spotify for songs, among many others, provided that you are willing to control the various records and log-ins yourself. (With the Amazon kindle Flame, just one Amazon code is all you need.)

The Nexus 7 represents the first appearance of yet another version of the Os managing system: edition 4.1, which Search engines calling “Jelly Vegetable.” (Who knows why Google’s sweets-themed labeling program seems so much sillier than The apple company (AAPL)’s big pet kittens and cats for its Mac releases?)

Google’s continuous Os up-dates can be frustrating for customers, who often find that even recently bought devices will not run the latest software.

Still, this new edition is the most refined yet. It’s fast and sleek, without any of the herky-jerkiness in reorienting it from surroundings to symbol, or in changes from one display to another, that affected earlier produces.
Google Now
There is also a passel of new functions, especially Search engines Now. This is a nice app that, with just one finger-swipe, resources useful details about where you are and what you are doing at any given moment.

Right now, for example, it’s informing me how lengthy it would take to clarify given present traffic conditions, what the weather’s like, close by mass-transit leaving times and the nearest dining places. At an terminal, it might show flight information; in a city, close by tourist destinations.

Of course, Os would not be Os without a head- scratcher or two. For example, you cannot view your desltop or display all your applications in panoramic function. Search engines says it will address that one by the time Jam Vegetable shows up on larger, iPad-size pills.
And that is the real endgame here. There is no doubt The apple company is Google’s No. 1 attacker in its battle to identify Os on pills, but no Os program has yet obtained any hold going head-to-head against the awesome iPad. So Search engines, which needs a hit program to persuade designers to help it hole Apple’s tremendous lead in tablet-specific applications, went lesser and less expensive.

Apple, meanwhile, is not standing still; if reviews are to be considered, it is working on its own lesser, less expensive iPad.
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