Microsoft And RIM Sign File-System Licensing Agreement

Summary: RIM is now licensing Microsoft's exFAT file system technology.

 Don't get too thrilled about this one. It's not yet another an Android operating program certification agreement -- which is practical feeling the BlackBerry OS isn't Android-based. Instead, the contract declared these days is for exFAT.

exFAT, or EXtended Computer file Allowance Desk, is an improved edition of the FAT file program from Ms that uses less expense than the Microsoft windows NTFS file program. It expands the highest possible quality of 4GB in FAT32 to almost endless. exFAT has been aspect of aspect of Windows included edition of Microsoft windows, as well as of Microsoft windows customer. Ms also has ongoing to certificate FAT (the "full FAT"?) together with exFAT to your customers.

Microsoft has finalized up a number of other organizations as exFAT licensees, such as Distinct, Panasonic, Cannon, Sanyo, SanDisk and Tuxera over modern times.

(Back truly, Ms was asking for a $300,000 smooth free to certificate exFAT for certain customer system groups, such as digital cameras, digital cameras and digital mirrors, with volume-based costs available for those who want to certificate it for mobile phone gadgets, PCs and systems, authorities informed me.)

The Microsoft-RIM cope declared these days is the first second technology certification cope between the two organizations, a Ms representative said. (The first cope between the two was RIM's contract to certificate Return ActiveSync.) Modern cope "allows RIM to integrate exFAT into certain BlackBerry gadgets."

Microsoft is not leaving comments on how much RIM is paying to certificate exFAT.
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