10 Nexus 7 Apps For The Writer

Summary: Small tablets like the Nexus 7 are not designed for heavy duty writing but can easily step up in a pinch. Having the right apps and utilities is key to make this work and these 10 apps turn the Nexus 7 into a real writer's machine.

AirCalc :
Good utilities are the ones there when you need them and gone when you don't. This calculator app is perfect for making quick calculations while writing as it uses a small pop-up display that works in any app.
Just fire it up and it sits on top of your other apps, ready to knock off quick calculations. Close it and it is gone.
Need a simple scientific calculator? Just swipe on the floating keypad and voila!

Chrome :
The Chrome browser isn't just for writers but it is the best mobile browser on any platform.
The ability to instantly open any web site currently open on other devices is a particularly useful feature for writers.

Evernote :
Research is an essential part of the writing process and Evernote is as good as anything for capturing information.
Captured information can be text, photos, images, voice notes, and even web clippings.
Evernote has a full rich text editor for creating complex documents on the go.
The Nexus 7 version takes full advantage of the tablet screen with the sliding panes.

Flipboard :
This app is a great way for following the news and social networking that is important for you.
It learns over time what you like and the topical information it presents is right on point.

Google Drive :
If you use Google Docs then this app is a must-have for Nexus 7 owners. Easy access to cloud-based documents is perfect for the writer juggling multiple projects.

Google+ Messenger :
Collaboration can be a big part of writing projects and this app leverages the Google+ network to good advantage.
It handles text IM and video chats for sessions that work well with the front camera on the Nexus 7.
Google Hangouts can be a good way to have a group video conference and this app makes it easy.

gReader Pro :
RSS is a good way to conduct online research and this app is designed to fully sync with Google Reader.
The interface is well designed and fully configurable to taste. The two-pane display in landscape is particularly useful on the Nexus 7.

Pocket :
Formerly Read It Later, this app is a wonderful way to capture information of interest on the web for later access.
The interface is well done on the Nexus 7, making this a great research tool for writing projects.
 Automatically backs up to Dropbox if desired.

QuickOffice Pro HD :
This office suite combines a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, and PDF app in one.
The app works with MS Office documents, both reading and creating, although complex documents may not be completely compatible on the desktop versions of Office.
QO is a decent app for working with simple Office documents.

SwiftKey 3 Tablet :
The small Nexus 7 can be used with an external keyboard like any Android tablet, but this onscreen keyboard goes  a long way to making that unnecessary.
The predictive text of SwiftKey is uncannily accurate out of the box and gets better over time by learning what you type.
The keyboard has themes and in landscpe can be split for easier thumb typing in the hands.
$3.99 (trial available)
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