Top App Wrap: September 10, 2012

Summary: ANZ goMoney, HSBC, uTorrent, uDraw, The Decision App, Note.S, The Textastic Code Editor, and ScrapNote 

ANZ goMoney
Platform: Android
Price: Free
ANZ's goMoney app finally made it to Android last week, after being released on iOS back in 2010. A four-digit PIN will give you access to your accounts to view transaction history, transfer money, and pay bills.

HSBC Australia
Platform: Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad)
Price: Free
HSBC's app lets you look at your account balances, transaction history, transfer money, and pay bills.

Platform: Android
Price: Free
Do you have too much monthly quota that goes unused? Here is the solution.
The popular desktop file-sharing program uTorrent is now available on Android in beta. It allows you to download files straight to your phone via BitTorrent.

Platform: iOS (iPhone, iPad)
Price: Free
This is a drawing pad that allows collaboration between multiple users across iPhone, iPad, Mac, and PC.

The Decision App
Platform: iOS (iPhone)
Price: AU$5.49
Decisions are made easy with this app, which allows you to create your own visual decision-making models.

Platform: iOS (iPhone)
Price: AU$1.99
There are lots of different note apps out there, but this one is visually impressive, and allows syncing of notes with Dropbox.

Platform: iOS (iPhone, iPad)
Price: AU$10.49
Another text app, but this one is designed specifically for coding, and has syntax highlighting for more than 80 languages, including HTML, XML, Object-C, C++, PHP, Perl, and more.

Platform: iOS (iPad)
Price: AU$2.99
The late Steve Jobs wasn't a huge fan of the stylus for touchscreen devices, but apps like Scrapnote, which let you draw, paint, mark and highlight documents, are on the rise, and are really ideal with a stylus.

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