Seven Reasons To Buy The Nokia Lumia 920

Summary: Nokia revealed their new Lumia 920 flagship device last week and you can rest assured I will be buying one as soon as I can. Here are seven reasons to consider the Nokia Lumia 920. 

The Htc Lumia 920 was proven off in New You are able to the other day and after looking at all of the protection, I can say without a question that I will be buying one as soon as they are launched. Along with I choose is determined by which carrier(s) in the US get the great end Lumia, but with three assistance provider agreements I know at least one of my providers will get it. Based on just what we know so far, Ms was very limited lipped about Ms windows Cell phone 8, I have seven considerable reasons I think the Lumia 920 is it for me.

Reason one: PureMotion HD+ display
The Htc Lumia 900 has a ClearBlack display and some examining a few months ago exposed that the Lumia 900 has a better outside display than the iPhone 4S and Universe S. Htc is now taking that ClearBlack display technological innovation to the next level and revealed us all their PureMotion HD+ technological innovation that looks to be the top display on mobile phones these days.

The PureMotion HD+ display instantly adapts to sunshine glare, has those stunning deeply shades of black, provides extremely sleek scrolling through pixel interpretation connections that are 2.5x quicker than other mobile phone gadgets, and performs with finger nails, disposal, and fingertips protected with safety gloves. Yes, you can use your Htc Lumia 920 during the cold months months season with safety gloves on without requiring anything unique in the safety gloves or any other trick. This new display just performs and does so in nearly any atmosphere you need. I suggest you study the bright document on the display (PDF link) to learn more about the technological innovation.

Reason two: PureView photographic camera technology
The Htc 808 PureView places the bar for all photographic camera mobile phone gadgets and really appears alone. The lenders Lumia 920 doesn't have as much of that awesome technological innovation, but it still has been proven to be an outstanding photographic camera and when it gets out of the model level you can bet that evaluators will thoroughly analyze the photographic camera. Htc has an exciting bright document (PDF link) on the facts of the photographic camera technological innovation used in the Lumia 920. As Htc declares this is the second level in PureView technological innovation and contains some of the primary items such as highly effective Carl Zeiss optics and highly effective picture handling methods. Low light performance is a significant function in this new photographic camera, along with movie picture stabilizing.

Reason three: Nokia Maps
Nokia Charts is the best assistance Htc has ever provided and I use it on several different systems. I love the operating off-line maps and GPS routing functions in Htc Charts on my Lumia 900 and in the Lumia 920 Htc increases that experience by going in several of the programs that you can get now on the Lumia 900. You will find off-line map assistance with no cost turn-by-turn routing, everyday travel and local visitors reviews, Htc Transportation for riding on the bus everyday activities, and Htc Town Contacts for enhanced truth development.

Reason four: Ms windows Cell phone 8
I would probably have placed this greater in my list if Ms would have permitted Htc to actually display it off, but it seems Ms is operating a bit behind on the software so producers are not able to give routines yet. We have seen eight new foundation upgrades coming in Ms windows Cell phone 8 and there are still many information staying to be exposed. I look ahead to seeing what Htc does with NFC since they have been using it well on their Symbian gadgets and components. The new Start display looks amazing for the way I use my Ms windows Phones and WP8 just cannot get here fast enough for me.

Reason five: Qi wifi charging
I know this is not a large function, but it is something exclusive that differentiates the Htc Lumia from other Ms windows Cell phone 8 gadgets. I really valued the comfort of Qi asking for with my Android Cost and have been expecting there would be another producer using this conventional so I could take out my pad and use it again. The collaboration offers with cafes is fantastic and I wish we see more of these advancing too.

Reason six: Htc Music
Nokia Songs just launched delayed the other day for US Lumia entrepreneurs and I have been using it every day since then. I am working on an article evaluating it to the Microsoft zune Complete and other registration services, but the big cope here is that it is FREE for Lumia entrepreneurs. If you appreciate music, then getting a no cost assistance like this can provide considerable frequent benefits to your mobile phone possession expenses.
Reason seven: Shade selection
Again, this may not mean much to many individuals, but I individually like having color alternatives for my gadgets and plan to purchase the yellow-colored Lumia 920 as long as it is reinforced on one of my providers. Even if Htc doesn't offer a ton of the yellow-colored designs, I think strong shades like this will help get individuals into the shops and produce discussion around it, which is exactly what Htc needs to do to obtain marketshare.

Nokia looks to be doing everything possible to help Ms windows Cell phone be successful and make sure they are around to contend in the mobile phone space. I don't know what else individuals were anticipating from Htc or Ms windows Cell phone 8, but in my view they went above my objectives with upgrades such as the awesome display and Qi wifi asking for.
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