Samsung Launches Drive Link In-Car Smartphone App

Samsung Electronics has launched Drive Link, an innovative in-car smartphone application designed for safe use while driving. Drive Link is built around the three most popular uses of smartphones while driving: listening to music, navigating to a destination and talking hands-free. It also includes shortcuts to other useful driving applications that have also met exacting safety certification standards.

“Samsung is dedicated to providing our customers with the optimal Smartphone user experience. For many, driving is an integral part of their lives and Drive Link allows us to provide a considered solution for those wishing to use their Smartphone in a car. With this application we ensure users can retain the core functionality of their smartphone while making sure their experience is as safe as possible," said Wonpyo Hong, Executive Vice President of Samsung.

The Drive Link application conforms with the standards of the Japanese Automotive Manufacturers Association, one of the world’s strictest driver’s safety regulation standards.

Generate Link’s user interface is clear and clean, perfect for quick and user-friendly use when on the move. Increased control buttons are associated by a simple selection structure that makes moving through the options easy and user-friendly. Upon running the App, the individual is presented with a welcome screen showing time and weather details for the present location. Future sessions saved in S Schedule are also shown and, if they contain deal with details, a weblink is shown and set straight as the location.

Drive Link has complete routing performance using the smartphone’s GPS features, allowing the individual to select pre-specified, recent or preferred locations, or search for a specific deal with. If a word with deal with details is received while using the App, customers can set the deal with as their location with just single click on the writing.

If present, Generate Link can connect mobile phones to a vehicle's In-Vehicle Infotainment program, or go unit, via MirrorLink. MirrorLink is the new standard connection method between smart mobile cellphone and car go models from the Car Connectivity Range, an industry body including most major smart mobile cellphone and automobile car producers such as GM, Chevy, Ford, Nova, Daimler and Cars. Current working go models include JVC’s KW-NSX11), Alpine’s ICS-X8, and Sony’s XAV-701BT, XAV-741 and XAV-601BT.2). Additional suitable go models will be declared in the long run.

In terms of enjoyment, every songs file saved in the smart mobile cellphone is accessible to be performed through the vehicle's speakers. Users can also go well beyond their songs collections with TuneIn (requiring version 6.2 or later), a global Online Radio app which offers 70,000 stations and two million on-demand programs running from every region. Further suitable internet applications will be created available soon.

Staying in touch during trips can often be important. With this in mind, Generate Link carries a feature called Text-To-Speech, available in English(U.S./U.K) People from france, German, In in german and Spanish, which enables all inbound messages, e-mails and up-dates from websites to be instantly read via the vehicle's speakers so that drivers’ eyes are always on the road, guaranteeing maximum attention and safety are managed. All personal connections saved in the mobile cellphone are loaded to Generate Link and customers can also make a trip straight by calling on the keyboard.

Drive Link is releasing on the New Samsung Galzxy S III and will be created available on other mobile phones running Google Android operating system 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) in the long run. The app is down-loadable from New Samsung Apps in 21 countries such as Norwegian, The country, Czech Republic, Denmark, Portugal, Malaysia, Hungary, Eire, Tuscany, Norwegian, Holland, Norwegian, Belgium, This particular language, Romania, Italy, The country, Europe, Norwegian, Ukraine and United Empire.

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