News Apple IPhone 6S Rumour : Apple’s Next Smartphone ‘iPhone 6s’ To Have 2GB RAM, 12.9-Inch iPad To Support USB 3.0

While the record-breaking iPhone 6 models continue to hit headlines, rumours about their successor and the company’s next smartphone have started to surface. Citing a source familiar with Apple’s future plans, e rumours with a pinch of salt.

Meanwhile, a follow up report on the 12.9-inch iPad delay reveals some hardware details of the upcoming model. According to 9To5Mac, Apple plans to add USB 3.0 ports to the new ‘iPad Pro’ or iPad Air 2 Plus or whatever Apple plans to call it. Apple is expected to start production of the new iPad in September.

The company is also believed to be working on a new external input device for the tablet. This may sound unbelievable, but Apple may also allow users to connect the new tablet to mice and keyboard. However, for now, let’s take these rumours with a pinch of salt.
New Delhi: The rumour mill is abuzz with which next-gen iPhone will Apple come out with; whether the next flagship device will be called an iPhone 6s, iPhone 6c or iPhone 7, and if it will have dramatic design updates.

The first thing that would leave anyone wondering is the name of the next handset. Keeping in tune with its current tradition, the next phone could either be iPhone 6s and iPhone 6c (a cheaper version of the 6s). However, some are also betting for the name-iPhone 7 .

The iPhone 7, or the next-gen iPhone is expected to run the iOS 9, which is still in the testing pipeline and would make to the consumers' hands soon. The OS will include improved parental controls, group FaceTime calls and split-screen app multitasking.

The screen-size is another topic debated upon, possibly due to the iPhone 6 Plus's large display at 5.5-inch which didn't go down too well with an average consumer. Rumours have pointed to not one, but three handsets with varying display sizes in 2015.

An updated iPhone 5s with a 4-inch screen( which could be named the iPhone 6c); a 4.7-inch update of the iPhone 6 (iPhone 6s); and a new phablet, based on the iPhone 6 Plus, with a 5.5-inch screen(the iPhone 7), a MacWorld report analysed.

Other specs rumoured suggest to an HD display; camera with DSLR-quality results; A9 chip set; 2GB RAM and a touch sensitive display technology, Force Technology, which is already present in its Apple Watch.

The next iPhone is also expected to be able to charge wirelessly and have a thinner and lighter design. The Touch-ID will be built-into the screen instead of the home button and could sport Gorilla Glass.

It is also said that its chassis will be built out of liquidmetal which is considered more durable than aluminium and a sans-bezel edge-to-edge-display.

The rumoured device-in-the-making could be unwrapped in September, the standard time when Apple chooses to unveil most of its new handsets.
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