App Wrap: October 8, 2012

Summary: Netbot, Glassboard, Rivr, Street View, Express Plus, tramTRACKER, Justin.TV viewer, and Daily Deals Map AU.

Platform: iOS
Price: AU$5.49

From the people who brought you Tweetbot comes Netbot, a Tweetbot-like client for the new social media platform. If you're fed up with Twitter's move to force ads into your timeline, this might be an easy way to transition.

Platform: iOS, Android
Price: Free

This is a social network that lets you have private conversations with multiple people. You can arrange boards for different people to post on, and only those invited to the board can ever see what's going on. Apart from the benefit of keeping private conversations private, you don't spam all your mutual friends/followers on other platforms.

Platform: iOS
Price: Free
Another App.Net app, but this time, it's free!

Street View
Platform: Android
Price: Free
Apple's troubles with implementing its own Maps app has just shown how well Google has got its Google Maps and Street View down pat. iOS users will have to wait for the time being, though.

Express Plus
Platform: Android
Price: Free
If you're receiving some form of Centrelink benefit from the Australian government, this app will help you notify Centrelink of any changes or information you may need to provide.

Platform: Android
Price: Free
The popular real-time Melbourne tram tracking app is now available on Android. This app is an example of how all public transport apps should be, with GPS data telling you exactly where the tram you're waiting for is. Time to get onto that, CityRail.

Justin.TV viewer
Platform: Android, iOS
Price: AU$1.95 (Android), AU$5.49 (iOS)
If you're a big viewer of online streaming website Justin.TV or Twitch.TV, for things like gaming tournaments or the 2012 US Presidential Debates, this app will let you watch it on the move.

Daily Deals Map AU
Platform: Android
Price: Free
If you are looking for a cheap meal or a shopping bargain on the go, this app will plot out all the latest specials that are happening near you.
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