Lenovo Celebrates The ThinkPad's 20th Anniversary, Again

Summary: Today, Lenovo is celebrating the ThinkPad's 20th anniversary for the second time, and this time on the correct date. It might seem trivial, but for the Chinese company, it's important as a way of exploiting the brand advantages associated with IBM's name.

Lenovo first popular the twentieth wedding of the ThinkPad variety, initially designed by IBM, back in Aug when it revealed the X1 As well as and ThinkPad T430u Ultrabook at the Art gallery of Contemporary Art in New You are able to. But as I outlined here at the time, that wasn't the right time frame. As I said, "the ThinkPad range of computer computer PCs (not touch-screen pads) was declared on 5 Oct 1992 at 590 Madison Road, IBM's former head office in New You are able to."

That being these days, Lenovo is enjoying again, which gives me the opportunity to discuss one of its images from the MoMA display. This, obviously, reveals "the unique style model" of the first IBM ThinkPad, and the picture contains illustrations of the kind of Think note pad that motivated the name. (See my previously publish, Satisfied Twentieth wedding to the IBM ThinkPad: a style traditional, for the qualifications.)

Lenovo has published many more images in the Reddit record known as ThinkPad Twentieth Anniversary @ MOMA.

If you would like a brief performed trip of the traditional ThinkPads proven at MoMA, Lenovo has published videos clip at YouTube. This has a trial of the popular Butterfly key pad from 1995, where laptops computer key pad amazingly became broader than the display. Of course, it was a short-lived advancement because computer displays quite easily got broader....

At the MoMA occasion, Lenovo's Mark Mountain provided a discuss on ThinkPad style, and he also designed a little publication to enjoy the occasion. It's known as ThinkPad Design: Soul & Substance, and research a Display duplicate online at zmags.com. Mountain has also submitted some webpages to Reddit as ThinkPad Design Twentieth Anniversary Picture.

Lenovo has also been interesting with ThinkPad lovers via its Facebook or myspace picture collections. For example, ThinkPad - 20 Years of Innovation, is a selection of media images (mostly) of old notebooks, plus a Objectives schedule — see below. Another record, Your Photos: The Earliest Residing ThinkPads, allows customers to play a role.

All of this might seem simple but it is greatly important to Lenovo. After the China organization obtained IBM's PC department in 2005, it realized it would have to conversion to placing its own name on items. Its notebooks would therefore reduce the advantages that come from near organization with IBM: one of the most highly effective organizations, and one that can respect almost all the IT divisions in Lot of money 500 organizations as "shops".

The ThinkPad product name keeps the organization with IBM vividly in existence. And that gives Lenovo a cachet that Acer, Asus, LG, New samsung and other Oriental competitors can't go with. 

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