Nexi Robot Helps Northeastern University Track Effects Of Shifty Body Language

MIT's Nexi robot has been teaching us about social interaction for years, and has even done a stint with the US Navy. Its latest role, however, involved studying those moments when society falls apart. Northeastern University researchers made Nexi the key component of an research where topics were requested to play a Prisoner's Dilemma-style game soon after a discussion, whether it was with a human or a device. Nexi revealed that people are better most judges of reliability after they see the distinguishing body gesture of lying -- surpassed hands, inclined back and other suggestions -- even when those movement come from a selection of steel and nasty. The research indicates not just that people are updated to look at out for simple suggestions of questionable actions, but that upcoming human like spiders could nurture believe in by using the right actions. We'll look ahead to the user friendly device staff that result... and keep in mind the room for fraud when the spiders usually story to take over the world.

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