Valve Raunts Us With Prospect Of Offical Portal 2 Sentry Turret Replica

A Sacred Grail of player collectibles is the Website turret imitation -- as much a technical toy as evidence that you can perform "Want You Gone" from storage. It's already been popular when made in small amounts by lovers, so you can think about the anxiety when Device Application itself content a taster movie (found after the break) at its shop's Facebook or myspace web page displaying what looks to be a near life-size, computer-linked edition of Aperture Science's common sentry from Website 2, without the laserlight focusing on and stay device weapons. After that, however, we're remaining to think whether or not it's just a design for Valve's workplaces or a professional item to buy together with a Associate Dice plushie. We've requested Device about offering more information in the long run and will let you know if the designer is any more chatty than its software security.

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