News Apple Product Update : Apple Has Planned To Extends Faulty iPhone 5 Battery Replacement Program Into 2016

Like any self-respecting entity, Cupertino giant – Apple is not making a giant noise about having stretched its iPhone 5 Battery Replacement Program. The replacement program from Apple was originally scheduled to end on March 1st, to provide vendors of defective equipment a full three years of component coverage.

Apple made a change on its official web page signifying that the iPhone 5 Battery Replacement Program covers faulty devices for 3 years after the initial retail sale of the units mentioned above. Previously, Apple pledged to free replace defective iPhone 5 batteries for 2 years after the first retail sale or until March 1st this year, as stated by iPhone in Canada.

Apple has now stretched the deadline to January 16th, 2016 for selected units, which is worthy news if you still have an iPhone 5 and have observed the stints between charges is getting continually tinier.
Apple has stated that the company found a “very small percentage” of iPhone 5 devices sold within a five-month period between September 2012 to January 2013 and fall inside a limited serial number range. Applying the new 3 year coverage to those dates, Apple’s iPhone 5 replacement program is estimated to run through January 2016.

Current Apple iPhone 5 holders who purchased their handset within the period mentioned above and are facing battery issues can check if their device is eligible for battery replacement through Apple’s official iPhone 5 Battery Replacement Program website.

Eligible handset can then be taken to an authorized Apple Store to have their iPhone 5 battery replaced for free. If you’re still adhering on to the iPhone 5, then it’s worth trying out.
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