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The New samsung Galaxy S4 may have been a bit of a frustration with regards to design, but it does force the package with regards to performance. Along with the components New samsung has also compensated a lot of focus to the software features with the S4 and went all out to show them at the sparkly release occasion. While S4 has shown some awesome devoted features, it has also taken ahead a few intelligent features from the other S sequence gadgets like the Note II, Galaxy S III and even the Galaxy Huge. These features, while quite useful to have around, luckily are not all that exclusive. There are plenty of applications available that will offer you with a identical, if not the same, encounter.We’ve detailed five such applications that can provide you with New samsung Smart Feature-styled encounter on your current Android operating system smart phone.

Do remember that not all S category features discovered in Samsung’s newest gadgets are available. The ones we have right here are but a few from a longer list. So while they might not be firmly incorporated as the ones discovered on New samsung gadgets with the TouchWiz UI, they can operate individually and provides you a identical encounter.

Smart Remain

Smart Remain created its first appearance with the Galaxy S3. This is one operate that all of us would love to have. It’s especially frustrating when you are studying an e-book or a long e-mail and your display times out. Smart Remain is designed to keep the display from moment out when you are looking at it. The app will check regularly to see if you are looking at the display and convert the backlight off when you are not. It uses the front photographic camera to identify your face. When it feelings you are looking away, it will convert off the backlight according to your Screen Time Out configurations. With the S4, New samsung has taken the Smart Remain a level higher – Smart Stop will pause your video video when you look away and continue where you remaining off and Smart Search will instantly scroll e-mails, web pages up or down when you point the phone. While there are not any applications that will replicate the Smart Stop and the Smart Search, there are several that replicate the Smart Remain operate.  

ISee You (Free, Pro – Rs 50)

It features the same way as Smart Remain. With the 100 % free edition, you cannot optimize the time-out and the check out time period. For that you will need the pro edition that can be downloadable from the Execute shop for Rs 50. With the pro edition, you can set the check out and the time-out period. Once set, you will see the "eye" symbol in the position bar. When you look away from the display, it will convert off the display only when it has achieved the set time-out. For example, if you have set the time-out at 15 a few moments, then your display will be on until enough time you are looking at it and when you convert away it will not go off instantly - it will time-out only after 15 a few moments have passed.
AlternativesSmart Stay Ex LiteSmartStay Ex

Air View/Air Action

Air Perspective is a operate that came up on the Galaxy Note. With this you could float the S Pen over the display to review videos video, e-mail, word etc. The S4 allows you to carry out the same action using your fingertips. Another operate of the S4 that produced a lot of hype at the release occasion was Air Action. Hanging your side over the S4 will now allow you to agree to calling, modify songs, surf images and even get around the web. Again, gesture performance is not exclusive and there are applications out there that allow gesture-based performance. They might not be as innovative but can offer quite a bit of performance.

Wave Management (Free, Paid – Rs 161.39)

While this is not as precise and thorough as Air Action, Trend Management offers a restricted selection of features and control. The app gives you the capability to manage your songs and video video play-back with predetermined side activities. You is capable of doing activities like stop, move on, go back, control amount, display on/off, accessibility recent applications, and more. For example, one wave across will miss ahead to the next songs, two surf to accessibility the past songs etc. The 100 % free edition of the app is ad-supported. The compensated edition of the app is ad-free and also allows you to personalize surf – it will price you Rs 161.39.

Alternatives – GMD GestureControl

Sound & Taken 

One of the photographic camera features of the S4 is "Sound & Shot". What it generally does is information audio while you are simply clicking an picture. So instead of generally looking at an picture of a sparkling wine container being uncorked, you can also listen to the pop thanks to "Sound & Shout". This is definitely an interesting operate. While currently there are no applications that allow you to history audio and take picture at the same time, there are a couple of applications that you can use to add audio in a post or history a video before and after you take a picture.

Telling Pictures App (Trial, Paid – Rs 71.69)

Telling Pictures app allows you to add an audio video to images that you have visited. You can add an current audio video or history a concept. If the audio video is long, then you can easily cut it within the app itself. The resulting video video computer file can be distributed on Facebook or myspace via the applications itself. With the test edition of the app, it video will be restricted to 3 a few moments. The pro edition will price you Rs 71.69 on the Execute Store.
Audio Pictures (Free, Paid – Rs 164.21)

On the other side, Audio Pictures will history audio a short time before and after the picture is taken. When you within the computer file, you will listen to the documented audio along with the picture. You can discuss it video computer file via e-mail and even on Facebook or myspace. It has both a free and paid version. With the paid version With the compensated edition, you can personalize how many a few moments of audio you want to history before and after the picture. It’s priced at Rs 164.21.
AlternativesStoryMark and PhotoSpeak

S Translator

The bad thing of traveling to a country whose terminology you do not talk is not being able to connect with the residents to get what you need. While you could depend on phrasebooks, it’s not always as effective. To address these problems, the S4 features the S Interpretation. Choose the terminology you seek the translation into and type out or talk what you need to convert. The S Interpretation will written text returning or read the converted written text in the terminology specified. You can discuss this with the residents and S Interpretation will convert their response returning to you in your terminology. It’s a very useful device for the regular visitor.

Google Translate App (Free)

This has been a well-known online device for a while and now it has created its way to the mobile foundation as well. Google provides you with translations in over 60 different 'languages'. It facilitates written text, speech and even enhanced truth. The app provides assistance for 17 'languages', when it comes to translation by discussing instead of writing, and 40 'languages' when it comes to studying out converted written text. It also has a "Conversation Mode", which is a speech-to-speech translation operate with assistance for around 14 'languages'. Google Translate, like Google Glasses, also facilitates enhanced truth – you can take an picture and then find the writing you want to convert. You can also use the hand writing device to write out the writing you want to convert. Additionally, it provides you with the choice to accessibility the translation history off-line. Glasses allows you to take photos of places, typical monuments, artistry, information etc., which are examined and information regarding the same from web hyperlinks to Wikipedia details are provided. 

AlternativesWord Lens Translator and Talk Translate 

Pop-up Play

A well-known operate in the Galaxy S sequence is the Pop-Up Execute video video choice, which is duplicated in the S4 as well. What it means is that you can toggle it video display as a pop-up box and work in the qualifications. It’s a element as you do not have to pause it video you are viewing when you get a written text or e-mail and send response. You is capable of doing both projects at the same time.

MoboPlayer (Free)

This is one of the most well-known video video gamers available for the Android operating system foundation, as it facilitates the largest range of video video types. It also provides gesture-based features to modify the lighting, play-back position and amount without ever mentioning the gamer manages. But the emphasize, of course, is the capability to relax and listen to it video as a pop-up computer file. To do so, while viewing videos video, just generally simply select the Home button; instead of getting out of the application, the gamer will release it video as a sailing pop-up. You have the increase/decrease, play/pause and quit features available. When it video is playing as a pop-up, you can go about working in the qualifications without any problem. And when done, you can generally simply select the choice to go returning to the regular full-screen gamer. An extra of the gamer is that you can also within the last-accessed computer file exactly from the point you remaining off. The pop-up box can be placed anywhere you wish on the display by pulling it across the display. The best part about this app is that it’s 100 % free.

Alternative: Keep it!

So while you might not get the complete Galaxy Smart Apps encounter with another Android operating system device, you can get a few features running so you won't feel too remaining out.
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