Windows Phone Aims To Win Over Android Users With Droid Rage Campaign

Ms has been doing a lot of marketing to market its newest Mobile foundation, Ms windows phone 8. The technical massive has lately taken to Tweets and released a technique in order to win over Android managing system customers by releasing an offer known as Android Anger and in come back, the product is providing a individual the opportunity to win a existing. 

The reasons for the competition is really simple. All one needs to do is type out their most severe viruses ‘horror’ experience with an Android managing system device and use the #droidrage hash tag. The individual with the best, or rather most severe tale appears a opportunity to win a get-well existing.

Microsoft then took it to a next level by entering out a sequence of twitter posts on the formal Ms windows phone web page which are:
  • Delay for your Android managing system phone to get contaminated with malware.
  • Restore from SMS fraud invoice shock.
  • Miss actions 1 & 2, buy a Ms windows phone and link with people you care about instead of some cyberpunk planning in a black basement.
Some customers have addressed the twitter and have published some responses with the hash tag saying, “Bank information thieved once after android viruses assaulted my phone after installing an app from Search engines perform -.- #DroidRage, took millions of photos on fam. holiday. Downloadable an app to shop them, cleaned all of them out :( #droidrage, #DroidRage perform is full of harmful applications. Got 1 with undesirable ads in alert bar every min. Totally recast & missing all information :-( and various others.

However, this indicates that not all Android managing system customers are lured by the likelihood of getting a existing and instead they have converted the platforms on Ms windows phone and began a new hash tag which is choosing up a lot of vapor – #WindowsRage.

It seems to be that the fight of the operating-system is steaming up and customers of the Android managing system foundation are status their floor.However, it also seems to be that some Android managing system entrepreneurs cannot avoid the desire of a present and using the #droidrage hash tag however.

There are a few Ms windows phone 8 gadgets already available in the market and manufacturers such as HTC and Htc are strongly promotion its gadgets. Htc and modern house songs specialist Deadmau5 rejoined once again, and just like the first time they signed up with arms in Nov last year, the occasion was nothing short of impressive. Htc had a stay flow of the occasion and if by any opportunity you had skipped it, it clip below will show you what went down when Deamau5 and Htc hit London, uk.
A lucky winner of the Droid Rage campaign may stand a chance to win a Windows Phone 8 handset. So to the victor go the spoils. Hit the link here to know more.

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