You'll Love Windows Phone 8 If You Like Windows Phone 7

Summary: Look beyond the built-in consumer-facing upgrades, and Windows Phone 8 doesn't offer a killer reason to develop for the platform beyond what its predecessor offered.

It has been a quality 24 hours for gadget freaks and lovers of shiny objects: Microsoft has unveiled most of Windows Phone 8, and Google has launched a trio of new Nexus devices.

 The Hill Perspective, Florida, search massive clearly made the decision that decreasing the cost of its gadgets is the place that it will use to produce enjoyment. And with a new Nexus 4 costing US$299, it looks like a champion.

Meanwhile, the boffins at Redmond, California, took an entirely new equipment with the new Ms windows Cellphone 8 (WP8) os.

Unlike last week's Ms windows 8 release, where all and varied realized exactly what to anticipate, and many techies had already set up and performed with the new edition of Ms windows, Ms made the decision to keep areas of WP8 under parcels to produce "excitement."

I'll confess that I was thrilled for modern WP8 release, but it was the kind of enjoyment that one seems understanding that the 24-hour race displaying of Bio-Dome will end soon.

This isn't a new feeling. WP8 has been developing designer fear for several weeks.

WP8 is in the outstanding place of having released without a growth kit being proven to designers at large — that will belatedly adhere to the next day, but to be able to allow designers to dip their legs into the new foundation has been skipped. It is a very un-Microsoft way to go about a release. Normally, you'd anticipate the organization to celebration a sequence of programs designed to demonstrate off the functions of Ms windows Cellphone 8. Now, though, we were remaining with our creativeness.

And with this new WP8 SDK, what monster function of WP8 would create designers want to create for the platform?

Microsoft desires that it will be the improved value recycling between Ms windows 8, Ms windows RT, and WP8, and the capability to system in C and C++. But given that Ms windows 8 is hardly off the floor itself, a lot of designers will still have to create brand-new "Metro" programs, or slot mature programs across.

There are a lot of baked-in, enterprise-focused features: organization system locations, full system security, Protected Start, and enhanced system control. But nothing in this list is unique and yowls for designer interest, and that interest is what Ms seriously needs. In the same way, the consumer-facing improvements do not hit out as significant improvements over WP8's competitors.

Windows Cellphone 8 is providing designers not much more than what Ms windows Cellphone 7 owned and operated, at the same time with a larger display, more Stay Floor property, and hopefully a reasonable web web browser by means of IE10.

It seems more like an update than a Ms windows 8-coupled trend.

If your device is of latest iOS or Android managing system ilk, then there is nothing to be seen that is ought to have covet — in fact, I suggest just making categories of programs, simply because you can, as you will not see that on WP8. But if you are an current Ms windows Cellphone individual, or you liked the look of WP7, then now is a chance to leap into the environment.

Australia will have five WP8 gadgets on provide originally.

Nokia will be providing its Lumia 920 through Telstra, with its Lumia 820 available on Optus and United kingdom. Both gadgets are required to hit racks at the end of Nov.

HTC will come out with its 8X and 8S gadgets. The 8X is an amazing bit of equipment, providing a 720p HD show (1280x720) with 342 p per inches (ppi) — by evaluation, the iPhone 5 has 326ppi, and Samsung's Universe S III has 306ppi — and a perfectly pointed body. The 8X will appear on Telstra and United kingdom, and its 8S competitors will be found on Telstra and Optus.

Optus will provide Samsung's Ativ S phone specifically.

A deficiency of device choices won't keep WP8 back, but Ms is now competitive with an revealed Nexus system that sells for US$299.

Microsoft is kept in difficult for third place with RIM. Both are trying to create an effect in European nations, but RIM does extremely well in creating nations, whereas Ms windows Cellphone does outstanding well at inner Ms events and not much else. At least RIM has a couple of cards remaining up its sleeve with BlackBerry 10.

Today, Ms has proven its cards — and it's the same hand we saw before around.
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