Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 Has Live Tiles And Live Apps

Summary: At the Windows Phone 8 launch, Microsoft officials are talking up not just live tiles, but also live apps.

One of the key differentiators of Microsoft Windows Phone has been its updating "Live Tiles" on the home screen. But Microsoft is attempting to go Live Tiles one better with "Live Apps."

On Oct 29 at the Ms windows Cellphone 8 release in San Francisco, Ms professionals discussed up Stay Applications. Stay Applications are the formal name for Ms windows Cellphone apps that can be pinned as Stay Flooring.

There's been rumours for the past few weeks over what Stay Applications were and how they'd fit into the Ms windows Cellphone 8 environment.

Live Applications also can be pinned to users' secure displays. Out of the box, Ms windows Cellphone 8 will include several Stay Applications -- email, texting, schedule and the Ms windows Cellphone Shop. The new and improved Ms Skype app for Ms windows 8 also can be put on the secure display.

Microsoft will be allowing third-party designers to build Stay Applications. These Stay Applications can include with the secure display, and also include into the new Ms windows Cellphone 8 Pockets and other locations on the telephone. The ability to choose among three different sizes of tiles as part of Ms windows Cellphone 8 OS.

An new edition of the Microsoft-developed Facebook or myspace app is one of the new Stay Applications.

At the release, Corporate Vice Chief executive Joe Belfiore said there are now 120,000 Ms windows Cellphone apps in the shop. Not all of these apps are Stay Applications, however.

Microsoft released to production the Ms windows Cellphone 8 os in mid-September. The first Ms windows Cellphone 8 devices are not expected to start coming to market until Nov 2012.

The long-awaited public edition of the Ms windows Cellphone 8 software development kit (SDK) will be available for download by designers on Oct 30, authorities said today.

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