Samsung Series 5 550 Chromebook

Summary: After a full day of using the latest Chromebook from Samsung it's clear the Chrome OS has evolved to be a powerful platform. It handles my work so perfectly it is like an OS made just for me.

The New samsung Series 5 550 Chromebook is not a new computer but my own came last night. I have not put the thing down since getting it, and it is already clear it is a great solution for me.

The best way I can explain the New samsung Chromebook is that it's like a special MacBook made just for the way I perform. It's not for everybody as the Firefox OS is not as solid as other solutions, but for those of us who perform in the Firefox web browser all day it is the best way to do so.
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There are many on the internet opinions for the New samsung Series 5 550 Chromebook so I won't rehash that. I can condition that the 12.1-inch computer is highly convenient and has lengthy lifestyle cycle of battery pack for lifestyle on the go.

I am the potential viewers for the Firefox OS as I am strongly established in the Google system. I use the Firefox web browser on all devices I use, Googlemail for email, Google Generate for on the internet storage space, and as a long-time Android operating system user I have moved my songs selection to the Google reasoning.

Getting started with the Chromebook was as simple as signing into my Google account. In just a short time all of my stuff was available from the new Chromebook. The web browser had all my favorites, web browser additions, history, and biscuits synced up. My Google Generate was there with all of my on the internet records. My whole songs selection was available for immediate loading on the Chromebook.

The Firefox OS pc is basically an expansion of the Firefox web browser. All programs are actually web programs, all Firefox programs in the web shop are backed in fact. The OS has progressed to a better condition than when it first showed up, and all web apps/pages can now be run either in the tabbed web browser or individual windowed programs. 
The UI has been designed to make dealing with either the tabbed web browser or windowed programs simple to do with the Chromebook track pad. Windows can be clicked side-by-side for operating in two at once or offered up complete display to get the UI out of the way.

Apps/web webpages can be pinned to the taskbar at the bottom of the display for quick access. The taskbar can be invisible like the Windows version. All web programs are one tap away in a simple app administrator.

Operation is user-friendly for anyone used to dealing with the Firefox web browser, and the studying bend is almost nonexistent. I was effective within minutes of energizing the Chromebook up, and have been so whole time.

There is a simple file administrator in Firefox OS that straddles both local storage space, which is only 16GB, and the Google Generate. Connections with information is uncomplicated and simple to do with the track pad.

The track pad on the New samsung is worth referring to. It is far better than any track pad I have used on any Windows computer. New samsung has nailed it on this Chromebook; I haven't even linked an exterior rabbit, something I often do with notebooks.

I have been amazed at the quantity and quality of web programs available in the Firefox web shop. There are programs to do just about everything, and all I have tried so far perform well on the Chromebook. Firefox OS is much more than just a web browser, even though it is an on the internet foundation.

There are a lot of techniques in the Firefox OS that I am still studying, but it's safe to say I am already more effective with it than I thought I would be. I can see this becoming my full-time perform machine given the characteristics of my perform. It's not for everybody but I am a happy recreational camper today.
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