Unboxing The Logitech UE 900 Earphones

Summary: Logitech rolled out their high end consumer earphones and they sound even better than they look.

The retail package is attractive in black and blue with a clear photo of the UE 900 earphones packed inside.
The back of the retail package shows an exploded view of the internals of the earphone so you don't have to try tearing them apart to see what is inside.
Inside you will find a sturdy cardboard box that is secured with a magnet and blue ribbon. The top envelope contains the paperwork while the earphones are embedded in high density foam.
A user guide, warranty info, and thank you note are in the top envelope.
You get two audio cables in the box. The black one is an audio only cable while the blue one houses a controller for music and call management.
The coated ends of the cable are semi-rigid and hold their position when bent around your ear.
The UE brand is stamped on the outside of the earphone and the shape fits well within your ear.

Different sized ear cushion tips are secured by pushing them onto the earphone post.
The ends of the earphones are removable so you can swap or replace the cable over time or if you want to switch between audio only and the cable with the controller.
A solid glossy black hard carrying case is provided.

There is a soft black portable case that you can use just to carry the earphones around.

A large jack is provided for connections to other stereo equipment.

Silicone ear cushions and foam tips in an assortment of sizes are provided in the package.
An airplane attenuator dongle is included to help with spikes in sound from the airplane.
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