iPad 4 Benchmark Leaks Into The Wild, Shows 1.4GHz Processor

Summary: Apple promised that the iPad 4's new A6X processor would be twice as fast as that of the iPad 3, and if a new leaked benchmark is real, it seems that the new tablet lives up to these expectations.

Apple's new iPad 4 won't begin showing in individuals arms for several times, but it seems that someone who has one already has benchmarked it using the Geekbench Web browser standard device.

The standard reveals that the iPad 4 has a dual-core processor processor operating at 1.4GHz, up from the 1.0GHz of the iPad 3. The new iPad also has 1GB of RAM, the same as the iPad 3 and iPhone 4, but twice as much as the iPad 2. 

The iPad 4 obtained a Geekbench ranking of 1757, placing it before iPhone 5 with a ranking of 1571, and well before iPad 3 and iPad 2, which obtained 791 and 780 respectively. 

The iPad 4 is operated by the new A6X SoC (System-on-a-Chip) processor processor that functions a dual-core CPU along with quad-core design. According to Apple organization, it is up to twice as quick as the previous-generation A5X processor.

The performance increase indicated here should create next-gerneration applications -- from activities to healthcare to company -- to make use of this additional power.

Is this real? It seems so. Not only do the ratings drop in range with what Apple organization informed us about the A6X when the iPad 4 was revealed, but David Poole, the creator of Primate Laboratories, the organization that produces Geekbench, says that "there's nothing in the outcome that indicates it's a fake".  
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