Android 4.2's Four Best New Features

Summary: There's a new version of Android, Android 4.2, coming from Google and here are its best new features.

When Look for engines declared its new Nexus product and intelligent phone range, the search massive also declared, almost in moving, that there's a new edition of Android os on its way: Android os 4.2.

While Android os 4.2 isn't a significant update, it does carry considerable upgrades to the well-known, open-source cellular os. Android os 4.2, which will still go by Android os 4.1's name Jam Vegetable, will first deliver on Look for engines and LG's new Nexus 4 intelligent phone and Samsung's Nexus 10 product on Nov 13. I anticipate, but I have been incapable to validate, that the Nexus 7 and Galaxy Nexus will also be improved to 4.2 then. As for the relax of the Android os program close relatives, as always this will depend not on Look for engines, but on your intelligent phone service provider or product resource when, if ever, you'll see an Android os update.

Some of the Android os 4.2 upgrades are minimal. Sure, it might be awesome to use the Picture Area function to stitching together images to from Look for engines Road Perspective design spectacular pictures, but you're not going to do that more than once every azure celestial satellite. It's also awesome that the 4.2 Perform Shop app contains an individualized music-shopping operate, Songs Traveler. Thanks to customized music solutions such as The planet Pandora, I really don't need more help in discovering audio.

Other new functions, however, will want you to create the leap. From least to most essential in my guide these are:

4) Smart Screen-Savers :

Android 4.2's Think is actually a intelligent screen-saver. It allows you display photo slideshows, information statements, and the like. While you're not likely to use this on a intelligent phone I know I'll set up a information supply screen-saver on my Nexus 7 product and I know my day-trader buddies will be establishing up industry cables on their gadgets as well.

3) Action Typing :

Do you use Swype, the well-known third-party on-screen key pad replacement? If you do, then you'll look for the same primary performance to create on-screen computer keyboard more useful in Action Entering. This probably won't be enough to swing hard-core Swype customers away from their preferred virrtual key pad, but it will display screen-typers that there is a better way than using a display key pad than just as a QWERTY cup key pad.

2) Miracast: From Tablet and Smartphone to TV :

Apple lately presented AirPlay Reflecting in iOS 5 and Mac OS X, Hill Lion. With it, you can toss your display to any The apple company TV-equipped tv. Android os 4.2 will let you do the same factor with any TV, DVD-player, or other press program that facilitates Miracast.

Miracast is the business name for Wi-Fi Immediate or WiDi. This is an 802.11n suitable program method for display-sharing. With a suitable program or a Miracast adaptor, you'll be able to flow Online TV reveals and films from your intelligent phone or product to your TV. Miracast plugs will be available this one fourth.

1) Multi-user support :

On Android os 4.2-powered Tablets, but not on cell cellular phones, you'll be able to have several customers. Each individual will get his or her own installation. That indicates, for example, you can have your own home-screen, qualifications, icons, applications and activities, while your associate or workplace associate can have their own exclusive product encounter. You can set this up so a new individual must sign in to the product or they'll be able to basically hit a option and away they'll go with their own product take.

So, why isn't this available for smartphones? We don't know. There's some rumours that it's to prevent a Htc certain on multi-user cellular phones.
There may be something to that, but since multi-user performance on computers goes returning to the 60s, I'm prepared to think that Look for engines didn't hassle with it because there's almost no need for it on cell cellular phones. I, for one, have no issue allowing someone use one of my Tablets for a few moments, but I'm far more reluctant about allowing anyone lend my cellular phones.

Taken all-in-all this is indeed just a minimal update. That said, I know for a reality I'll be using the screen-saver, Miracast, and the multi-user performance almost every day. OK Look for engines, smatphone and product providers, I'm prepared for it. Let's have it!
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