Coming To All Mobile Devices: Portable User Environments

Summary: The most powerful feature in the mobile era will soon be coming of age: user environments that follow the user from device to device.

The era of the cell cellphone is coming into a new stage that will encourage customers as never before. The ability to have only one individual indication in that brings all applications, configurations, and individual custom remaking from one system to another will soon be the standard.

Those using several gadgets -- notebooks, Tablets, mobile phones -- are used to a no interaction among them. You set up your laptop the way you want it such as the individual atmosphere, but when you get a product you have to do it all over again. Any applications you set up on one often have to be purchased once again and set up on each system you use on a particular foundation.

That will soon be a subject put to rest as the major cellular systems are moving to handle not only several customers on a system but moreover make each customer's atmosphere convenient. The individual atmosphere carefully designed on notebooks computer, for example, will adhere to you to the product you buy.

Microsoft gets how essential this is and has applied not only several individual support but also allows the individual atmosphere, such as some adjustments and private details, to adhere to you to any Ms windows 8 system you log into. Logon and your things is there on both PCs and Tablets. It is quite highly effective and a huge way to save time now that Ms windows manages several system forms. Ms got this right with Ms windows 8. Hopefully this will soon increase onto Ms windows Mobile phones to finish the cellular encounter.

Those using Android operating system gadgets have already experienced a restricted way of this cellular individual atmosphere across phones and Tablets. You indication in with your Google account and all applications set up on one system are available on other Android operating system gadgets. You still have to customize the individual atmosphere, but the essential things (email, connections, apps) adhere to you.

Now that the Firefox web browser is the standard on the most current variations of Android operating system, the web browser atmosphere follows you, too. This has particular importance for those using Chromebooks, Chromeboxes, and Android operating system gadgets. Just log into those gadgets and your entire surfing around atmosphere is immediately available. This results in a individual atmosphere that follows you from pc to laptop to product to cellphone. This is incredibly highly effective.

If Google creates it possible in the future to run Android operating system applications on gadgets running the Firefox OS the cellular individual atmosphere will be finish. I wouldn't be amazed if Google is working on this although I have no details that this is so. It is practical though, and would combine Chrome/Chrome OS/Android into a highly effective environment of applications and convenient individual surroundings. Imagine if all your Android operating system applications were on not only your cellphone and product but your Chromebook and Chromebox, too.

The just-announced edition of Android operating system, aka Key Calcium Pie, is finally bringing several individual information to the foundation. This is practical on Tablets which are often passed around. Each individual records in to the Android operating system product and the product changes to fit the particular individual. This is already managed perfectly on Chromebooks and Chromeboxes. Ms windows 8 allows several individual information, too.

Those in the Apple environment have a restricted way of the convenient atmosphere. Apps adhere to the individual from iPhone to iPad, along with some individual details through iCloud. Some individual details connects OS X the same way. It's not like the full details follows the Mac, iPhone, and iPad owner around, but it's getting there.

Soon I expect that on all three of these systems all relevant details will cross from pc to cell cellphone gadgets via only one individual indication in. All your applications will be available on any system you use via a simple indication in. This is practical not on just a individual level but for the companies building the systems. This is a highly effective motivation for customers to stick with only one source as all investment strategies in the foundation environment will adhere to the individual. Buy once, use everywhere.

One details, one consumer encounter. This will finish the link between the pc and the cellular world. The focus will be on the individual and not the product, which is as it should be. I don't think we have long to wait until we get there.
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