HTC's Best Move After Q4 Outlook: Go White Label

Summary: HTC's financial picture continues to unravel and the fourth quarter will look much worse than the third. The company needs to go back to the future to save itself.

HTC released another awful perspective for it all 1 / 4 as sales, managing edge and most economical analytics continue to head in the wrong route.

As for those analytics, HTC's economical health isn't so hot. Income was down 48 % in the third 1 / 4 from a season ago. Income per discuss dropped 79 %. Operating benefit was down 76 %. Money levels dropped 45 %. More troublesome is that it took HTC 48 days in the third 1 / 4 to turn over its stock and a season ago it took 34. It also is taking HTC longer to get paid by its customers.

We'll extra you the gory information, but these two glides from the organization's earnings demonstration tell you all you need to know about HTC's terrible third 1 / 4. 

And think what? It gets more intense for HTC despite a product renew. Income in it all 1 / 4 is predicted to be NT$60 billion dollars, down from NT$70.2 billion dollars in the third 1 / 4. Operating edges will fall to 1 % in it all 1 / 4 from 7 % in the third.

Add it up and HTC could face a income press in the not-too-distant upcoming. When it comes to technique, HTC's tale is well known. HTC doesn't have the range and weight to contest with New samsung and Apple. Unless HTC becomes a Windows Cellphone marketing head and Windows most effective associate it's toasted bread. In Chinese suppliers, HTC has some strength, but it has to play the value phone activity.

However, HTC could do a returning to the long run shift. HTC started as a white-colored product producer. It generally made and designed mobile phones for others. Then HTC became its own product. HTC was hot for a while and a head of the Android operating system military. Then it got mashed.

Given the economical image, the most apparent shift would be to go white-colored product again. HTC can design well and could eventually make gadgets for Ms, Google or a group of other non-hardware companies getting into the product activity. Couldn't HTC eventually produce an Amazon phone?

You get the image. The truth is that HTC doesn't have a power product and isn't considered silently amazing. Meanwhile, HTC does not have range. Before HTC's economical image gets too out of hand, it should wonder going returning to its origins.
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