Apple To Fix iOS Wi-Fi Problems

Summary: Apple didn't mention it in all the fanfare for the new iPad and the iPad mini, but it will soon be releasing a minor iOS update with a big impact: It should fix your iOS 6 Wi-Fi problems.

Apple's unclean little key, which was kept out of Oct 23rd's iPad 4 and iPad mini's focus, is that iOS 6, the new and well-known os for iPhones and iPads, still has serious Wi-Fi and 3G/4G social media issues. Now, though, this indicates that a new edition of iOS 6, iOS 6.01, will be solving these issues in the next few several weeks.

According to BGR, The apple company resources validate that they're examining iOS 6.01. I've also been informed by resources at one of the significant phone providers that examining has indeed started. This upgrade will fix several issues. These consist of the collections of horizontally type bug, a issue with the camera’s display not going off, and other minimal issues. The actual information as far as I'm concenred is that it will will fix iOS 6's irregular Wi-Fi and fix the truly costly issue of iOS 6 using costly 3G or 4G instead of no cost Wi-Fi when both are available.

Apple easily set one self-inflicted Wi-Fi issue. This preliminary irritation had iDevices contacting house to The apple company only to end up securing gadgets off the Online. That was the simple one.

A variety of other issues stay. These consist of iOS 6 customers not being able to problems link with APs (Access Points) using WPA2 AES (Wi-Fi Secured Accessibility II/ Innovative Security Standard) and some gadgets basically not being able to use Wi-Fi at all. We can wish that this approaching minimal upgrade will fix all these issues.

One issue that won't be set though is The apple company Charts. For that, you'll need to delay for, at least iOS 6.1 and it's all too likely that The apple company Charts will still get you missing for lengthy after that. Forturnately, there are many, better map solutions for iDevices
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